Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To Die For

To Die For by Sandra Byrd.

To Die For: A Novel of Anne BoleynSummery:Childhood friends were she and Anne. While Meg Wyatt has a hopeful beau, Will, he soon feels called by the Lord and decides to take up Priesthood, which leaves her upset and more than a little bit wistful when Anne catches the eye of the King. But she is certainly happy for Anne, being the best of friends. She is taken in as her lady-in-waiting when the King and Anne marry. But no one could guess the horror of what happens to Anne... Hear the story of Anne Boleyn through her friend's eyes. And see another point of view to the story.

Romance:A couple kisses, hugging, touching, kissing hands, loving someone, thinking and talking about someone, yearning to bear children and marry.
Inappropriate Romance: Henry was a womanizer.So aside from his mistresses and illegitimate children there were also unfaithful wives, husbands, mistresses, mention of marriage bed that would be a little unsuitable for younger teens (and well anyone really :P).

Language: None.

Violence:Killing people, hunting, slapping and/or hitting, yelling arguments.

Other:Abuse, divorce.

Time Period:1518-1536

What I Thought:It was, honestly, a bit depressing...but it does give you a totally new take at the story. There is quite a bit of cheating and etc. :( But if you are an English History/Henry the VIII fan you'll most likely enjoy! I am a bit of a fan and I did find it depressing...but it is a depressing story. The author did a good job :) So think it over and read some other reviews before deciding to read it.

Rating & Age:3 stars, 14/15+

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  1. I read about this before and heard it was rather dismal. :P I just hate depressing stories!!!! For serious. Maybe if I mature into liking them...? But any way, I've decided to give up {most, not all. I can't give up the Bible!!!!}books with romance in it to see if it improves my "disposition" any. :)

    1. They can sometimes just be downers...but sometimes they can turn around from the beginning. However this one was just depressing for me :( Sierra
      Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)

  2. I saw this book at the bookstore. I've been thinking of getting it... I don't really like depressing ends to books either.

    1. Who does? :/ Sierra
      Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)


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