Monday, April 30, 2012


Swipe by Evan Angler.

Summery: Logan Langly is an almost thirteen year old boy, facing a big moment in his life. one he feels he might be ready for. In the remnants of North America after terrible wars and destruction everyone is united by a mark now. Every child on their thirteenth birthday can choose to take the mark. Nearly everyone has one, the mark allows you to get a job and but things. But Logan is unsure in more than one way.For one thing someone named Peck seems to be after him, but why? And most of all, his sister, Lily, died getting the mark! Every since her death he has felt like someone has been watching him, moving things in his room and such. Now he thinks it may have been this strange Peck person. He is having doubts about it all the only way to decide is to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Romance: Liking, crushing on someone, pretending to like someone, holding hands, a sort of date.

Language: None.

Violence: Injuries, hitting/beating someone up, kidnapping of sorts, yelling, arguments, arson briefly mentioned.

Other: Controlling government, lying, homeless people, stealing, hacking.

Time Period: Future.

My Thoughts: It was a very exciting book! It kept me up at night reading (I'm serious about that *wink*)  Interesting plot and although the main character is a bit younger than me, I was still able to enjoy it a lot. It was a good dystopian fiction, and, although I have read better, it was really well written and made it real. I would recommend this book for readers in their tweens or teens. (12 or 13 +)

My Stars: 4
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Violet Eyes

Violet Eyes by Debbie Viguié.
A Once Upon A Time book.
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Violet Eyes (Once Upon a Time)Summery: Violet is just a normal, peasant farm girl who longs for perhaps a little adventure. Or she thinks she is merely a farm girl... When a storm brings Prince Richard to their farm, sick and hurt, she tends to him as he recovers. They soon find a deep friendship and attraction between them. But his parents are having a contest to pick out his bride, strictly princesses, and would not allow him to marry Violet. Then she discovers a grand secret, that her parents are not her real parents! They took her in as a child, they think she is Cambria's lost princess and encourage her to go and enter the contest and try and prove that she is the true princess. She leaves them to try and win the contests, marry Richard and get her happily ever after.

Romance: Some kisses (slightly descriptive), touching, admiring, loving /liking someone.
Inappropriate Romance: Prince Richard has a bad feverm when it breaks finally he is very cold. Violet sleeps next to him while he is recovering and asleep to keep him warm.

Language: None.

Violence: A nearby kingdom, Lore, murder the royal family. Some injuries (falling off a horse, a burned hand), Violet wants to hurt Lore's princess.

Other: Cheating, rumor of mermaids and werewolves, lying.

Time Period: Medieval.

My Thoughts: I love this fairy tale and it was a great retelling! I had read a retelling that was a bit like this one...but not really. There wasn't a lot of similarity in the plots. And this one had a really developed one, even if not completely "original". It is an enjoyable book and if you are a fairy tale lover you will love it :) I would recommend this book to ages (mature 12) 13 up.

My stars:4
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix.
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UprisingSummery:Bella is fresh off Ellis Island from Italy. She is here to help her mother and siblings, to earn money. Her distant cousin is watching out for her. He even got her a job at the triangle Shirtwaist factory! it is hard work though and everything is new to Bella. Meanwhile Yetta is a passionate union worker trying to get the factory bosses to treat the workers fairly. And Jane is a rich girl who is discovering there is more to life than just dresses and parties. Join these girls and learn about the women's right movement and that terrible day...

Romance:Liking someone (maybe loving), flirting, admiring, thinking/talking about someone.


Violence:Bosses hitting the girls, strikers being beaten and thrown into jail, the fire (146 lives), girls and poor people being treated unfairly (cheated and etc.), yelling arguing.

Other:One of the characters is frisking to check if she stole something, smoking, mention of drinking and prostitutes.

Time Period:1909-1911?

My Thoughts:It seemed a bit of a different style for Margaret Peterson Haddix, she usually does thriller/suspense/action stuff. However, needless to say, it was a great book. One that really made you feel the tragedy and sorrow of the fire. Yet still an enjoyable historical read, too. it doesn't get sad until nearer the end and it isn't terrible depressing. It was a very interesting and exciting book :) I would recommend to readers 13 and up.

My Stars: 4
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

City Of Ashes

City Of Ashes by Cassandra Clare.
The second book in The Mortal Instruments series.
Read my review of the first book, City Of Bones.

City of Ashes (Mortal Instruments)Summery: Clary Fray  has discovered she is a shadow without training unfortunately, but she is still one. Her mother kept many secrets from her. After rescuing her from Clary's (just another thing mother forgot to mention) evil father, Valentine, she has been in a coma since then and hasn't been able to answer Clary's questions. Valentine got away with what he was after, The Mortal Cup, unfortunately. Now Clary is unsure which way to go. Normal or shadow hunter. They pull her in both directions. To make matters worse, her new found (but perhaps a bit unwanted, as there seems to be a spark between them) brother, Jace, is in danger to be killed!

Romance:A few kisses, liking someone, attraction, touching.
Inappropriate Romance:Sleeping together (nothing past kisses, hugs while they were sleeping described/mentioned) talking about s-x (one sentence), liking your brother.

Language: P--s, d-m-, a--, ba--a-d, bi--h, God's name in vain.

Violence:Killing, death, sucking blood(vampire), injuries, fights, yelling/arguments.

Other:Werewolves, demons, vampires, tattoos, the whole supernatural part might be blasphemous to some, I kinda just ignore it, if it does seem really bad though I'll mention it. Warlocks, fey, magic, gay characters. *note* I believe everyone should have their own opinion and such, and mine is that the Bible says that homosexuality is not okay. However if someone I knew was gay or supported it I would not go all hater on them because that is their belief. And I have mine. Just wanted to make that clear. 

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts: If you can ignore the language and such, it is a pretty good story. The plot and characters seem so real and it makes you keep on reading. Of course the things that I do not agree with brings it down a little in my view, but if you are an older reader used to it, or if some of the things don't bother you then I'm sure you might enjoy it more. For instance, my mom doesn't like a lot of violence, it doesn't really bother me though. I hope it improves. (I wrote this a while ago and I am happy to say, SPOILER-ish, that it does work out between Clary and Jace, because the fact that she like likes her brother is kinda weird.) I would recommend this book for teens 14+ or so.

My Stars: 3.4
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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Beckon by Tom Pawlik.

Summery:Welcome To Beckon, Wyoming. You aren't here by chance. And they certainly aren't. Jack Kendrick is looking for his father who disappeared in the area about twelve years earlier, he learns of caves rumored to have a strange  Indian tribe with dark secrets. He takes a guide and goes to explore, ending in things and secrets he never dreamed. Elina Gutierrez is an ex-cop who came searching for her missing cousin, and she is on a mission to find him. George Wilcox came searching for a last hope, a cure for his beloved wife. All about to fall into the strange towns secrets and an adventure to remember.

Romance:George and his wife kiss, love each other etc. And at one point it is implied they make out like younger people (they are both in their 70s).


Violence: Murder, injuries, human sacrifice, someone being beat up/tortured, death, yelling/argument, crab/spider like creatures that fee upon animals and human (they eat humans, killing them twice. It is not completely described but is a bit gruesome).

Other:The Indian tribe (N'Watu?) worship the spider/crab queen and sacrifice to her, lying, immortality, playing god, a type of drug (sorta).

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts:It certainly was exciting! Since the third chapter it has me reading on and on. It was well written, however there was one scene were there was a choice to be made offered to George by the mad guy that I did not understand. It seemed like if he went one way it went against what the bad guy wanted him to may have been me and there may have been things that I didn't consider. But it seemed a little confusing. Otherwise it was an enjoyable, exciting book. I would recommend it to YA+ (14+ for violence)

My Stars:4
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eye Of The Oracle

Eye Of The Oracle by Bryan Davis.
Oracle Of Fire, book one.
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Eye of the Oracle (Oracles of Fire, Book 1)Summery:The prequel to the amazing series, Dragons In Our Midst, Eye of The Oracle starts way back in time, nearly the beginning. Right before the great ark has left actually. Going through history with many characters, it builds up to Billy and Bonnie's adventures. One you should remember is Sapphira Adi, an oracle of fire who, though for a while was working as a slave to Morgan, soon learned of her Heavenly Father's love and has helped many people through the years and has an amazing faith. See how it all started, the new adventures and secrets that are being revealed.

Romance:Loving someone, a kiss on the cheek, mention of someone being in love a lot, mating/marrying (dragons).
Inappropriate Romance: Naamah did "business" (implied) with men.


Violence:A lot of fighting, dying, injuries, killing. Not really gory however. The flood killing people, slaves being mistreated/beaten.

Other:Demons, dragons, magic of sorts, growing giants.

Time Period: From right before the ark until modern times.

My Thoughts:It was so very interesting to learn things Sapphira and her friends had done to help Billy and/or Bonnie, and the way it all started so long ago! As always it is a great book written by Bryan Davis who has been a huge favorite of mine since I picked up the first DIOM book. I had the pleasure of gettnig to meet him and get my copy of this book signed. And there in person he told me and my friend that he doesn't hold any headaches from his readers, so be warned he thinks his readers are smart enough to understand difficult things he writes about. I would recommend this series to mostly tweens and teens. (11-24 or so)

My Stars:5!
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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Nightmare Ninja

MoonShadow: The Nightmare Ninja by Simon Higgins.
The sequel to The Rise Of The Ninja.

Moonshadow #2: The Nightmare NinjaSummery: MoonShadow and his new friend Snowhawk have been sent to protect the White Nun. A very important mission. Of course there is also the problem that  Snowhawk is dealing with her rage against the Fuma clan that trained her by being quite aggressive. MoonShadow is worried about her. Although he doesn't tell The Grey Light Order... he is giving her another chance. And the force their enemy, Silver Wolf, is amassing to get revenge on The Grey Light Order is another problem it is a foreign threat that could change everything. A dangerous mission, that is, in fact, not quite what it seems at first.

Romance: Really nothing.


Violence: A lot of battles and fighting, knife throwing, hitting someone, shooting, killing(or talking about deciding whether to kill or not) injuries, yelling/arguments.

Other:Chanting/calming methods, Ninja tricks (controlling animals, hypnosis).

Time Period:Old Japan.

What I Thought:The first book may have been better. It took me a while to get into both of them but you do find it to get exciting after you get into it a bit. The plot is interesting and fast enough, but it isn't extremely exciting. I did enjoy it and it was a strong plot with good characters. I would recommend to Tweens about 11+

My Stars:3.8
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Man Of His Word

A Man Of His Word by Kathleen Fuller.
A Hearts of Middlefield book novel (First)
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A Man of His Word (Hearts of Middlefield Series, Book 1)Summery:Only four months after her wedding, Moriah Miller's husband Levi, had left her, it started with him leaving early to work and getting back late. But he is just gone now. Devastated, she is sure she has disappointed him as a wife and his leaving was her fault. Oh yes, and she is pregnant. Meanwhile Levi's twin brother, Gabriel Miller has been struggling against the feelings he has for her, as he has been doing for a while, it is much harder now though.
On the side of all of this mess regarding her, Moriah's brother, Tobias, is trying to figure out how he feels about Rachel Detweiler who seems to dislike him and drives him crazy, but he is quite attracted to her.

Romance:Kissing, longing and admiring, flirting, touching (hugging and holding hands), thinking and talking about someone, loving.
Inappropriate Romance:An affair/unfaithfulness, Levi is told by the woman he was with after he left Moriah, that she was pregnant (Spoiler) however she was not.

Language: Heck.

Violence:Wanting to hit someone, a burnt hand, car/buggy accidents, death, injuries,  yelling/arguing, contractions.

Other:Mention of an Amish boy leaving, doing drugs and being in jail for a short while. Lying.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought: I read it in an afternoon, I do love Amish books and this author is a good one. I really liked the characters and it had a wonderful plot, very exciting. However at some times it seemed a bit more worldly than the Amish might be in reality. Although in different towns/groups it can vary what they believe is wrong. So it could just be that. It is an adult book, so I would recommend YA+ (14/15)

My Stars:4
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Rose Of Winslow Street

The Rose Of Winslow Street by Elizabeth Camden.
Read my review of her first book, The Lady Of Bolton Hill

Rose of Winslow Street, TheSummery:Running from his half brother and country to the new world with hopes for just that (a new world), Michael Dobrescu and his family have arrived at the house that was given to him by his uncle. The only problem? Well other than the roses anyway. Ahem, it is that someone else has been living there. and they aren't to happy about his showing up and wanting it. Libby Sawyer, at first hates Michael, he barged into her house, moves her paintings, and makes her so angry with some of the things he says...but she soon warms to his care for his family. Brought together by a house, they will learn new things about themselves as well.

Romance: Liking/loving someone, a few kisses, attraction and admiration, thinking and talking about someone, touching (hugging or holding hands).
Inappropriate Romance: Lady Mirela was raped badly in the past (it was not described but mentioned a few times)


Violence: Several injuries, yelling/arguments, people shunning the Dobrscu's, beating their children up and egging their house. A few fist fights, mentioned (in jest and for real).

Other: Illegitimate child and bit of talk and mention of it (couple pages her and there) suicide (attempted).

Time Period:1879.

What I Thought: I loved the fire in the characters, the history and the story was enjoyable. I really liked it.  However the romance, I felt wasn't as strong as it could have been and I really loved the first book a but more :) I would recommend both (they are mostly clean however the first slightly more) to YA+

Stars: 3.8
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Bride For Donnigan

A Bride For Donnigan by Janette Oke.
An installment of the Women of the West series.
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A Bride for Donnigan (Women of the West #7)Summery: When faced with the possibility of a better life in America to being a servant  in England with an uncaring half family... Kathleen O'Malley decided to become a mail order bride. Though she finds it a bit crude, America has to be better than here though. She is also hoping and wanting to see this marriage through. Meanwhile, through friends urging and his own loneliness Donnigan Harrison has up and ordered himself a bride. Both of them scared and searching. Through it all, will they find God and peace?

Romance:Mail ordered brides, being married (nothing inappropriate mentioned), a few kisses (not described),  touching/hugging, pregnancy (not described).

Language: None.

Violence:A fire, contractions, losing a child (twice), burned hands, yelling/arguments.

Other:Bad relatives, the man, Mr.Jenks, who took up the women offered to take Kathleen with him. Another man on the ship (I believe he was someone who flirted with the brides?) and a small scandal and some frivolous attitude.

Time Period: Some point in the western rush...perhaps late 1800s?

What I Thought:It was a well written book and I do love westerns :) It was sad, but not overbearing. It didn't go into the marriage stuff so for a teen it fell a little flat, but it would be good for a tween and that is what, I believe, the author was aiming for. So although older can read it and enjoy, I don't think they will as much as someone younger would. Quite clean.

Rating & Age:3 stars. 13+ (probably 12+)
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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Snakehead by Anthony Hororwitz.
Book seven in the Alex Rider series.
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Snakehead (Alex Rider Adventure) (text only) Reprint edition by A. HorowitzSummery:Alex Rider is exceptional. A great spy. But he wants to get backto normal teen stuff. But after landing from his trip to outer space (long story) he really doesn't care about Australia's spy division offering him a job...until he leanrs he would be working with someone who had known his parents. His godfather actually. So now he is part of a cover to get into a smuggling business called Snakehead. Little does he know about the adventure and danger awaiting him. Especially since his old friends (ahem, not!) Scorpia runs it.

Romance:Mention of going out with somebody and how Alex's parents met.

Language: H--l, God's name in vain and possible d-m-.

Violence:Murder, setting a fire, knocking people out, hitting in the groin, deadly wrestling match, yelling/arguments, shooting, bombs, beating someone up, threats, liquidizing someone.

Other:Drinking, smoking (brief).

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Exciting as always :) I found it a bit different direction too. It was more of a group that just one main crazy bad guy :P But still good. Mostly clean other than a good bit of violence. Probably mostly a guy book, but I do like them.

Rating & Age: 3.5 stars. YA+
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Friday, April 6, 2012


Dragonswood by Janet Lee Carey.
Read my review of other books by this author.
(Note, that was a really old review ^^ and some of the stuff I've changed my mind about)

DragonswoodSummery: Raised with an abusive father, Tess knows how to dodge blows. But when lady Adela, the witch hunter, comes to town she is accused by several people of being a witch. She most certainly is not! Soon she is on trial...she would have died if a dragon hadn't helped her escape.  Secretly Tess does go into the woods, Dragonswood, one of the things she was accused off. She loves it there are it is her refuge.  And once, when she brought her friends with she was spotted. When tortured she gives up their names...she hates herself for it.Now she and her friends are on the run. Another thing that she can do, although no one knows of it is firesight (visions in a fire basically), and she has seen herself with a green man who knows whom he is and if he means her danger? But when she does meet him, Garth, she somehow knows not to fear him, and that he will help them. A wonderful adventure in the making...

Romance: A kiss (not described), liking/ loving someone, thinking and talking about someone, attraction, flirting, hugging. Tess and __ pretend to be married for a few nights (image only and for safety).
Inappropriate Romance: Someone having a child without getting married (with a fey).

Language: P--s, ar-e, d-m-, bas---d.

Violence: Abused by father, wrestling, sword fight (kinda in jest), drugging people, injuries, torturing, attacking, death, burning so called "witches".

Other: Mention of someone going crazy and exposing himself by relieving himself in public, thieving, lying/hiding something, witches and hunting of so called witches, dragons, fey. Half human half fey people too.

Time Period:1192. Another world sorta.

What I Thought: It was mostly clean and quite a bit better than the other books I've read by this author, but not only in that section but also I think in plot and characters. I loved the dragons and the fey...and Garth/Bion and Tess! And the cover :) :) I did guess some of the plot which made me feel a bit smart as well :) *wink* But like I said, her other three books that I've read I didn't like so much. (The Beast Of Noor, The Dragons Of Noor, and The Dragon Keep. The Dragon Keep was kind of a prequel to this one, or rather this one was the unofficial sequel)

Rating & Age: 4 stars. YA+
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eyes Of Justice

Eyes Of Justice by Lis Wiehl (With April Henry)
Triple Threat series book four.

Summery:Following a lead for a story Cassidy Shaw was killed. Her friends are determined to bring her killer to justice. Together they were the Triple Threat, Cassidy a crime reporter, Nicole an FBI agent and Allison a  federal  prosecutor. They have worked together on many a case. The question is, which one of the cases has come back to haunt Cassidy now? Could it be her ex-boyfriend who was abusive? Or someone entirely different. And why her? It's all a mystery but her friends won't stop until they have solved it.

Romance:Mention of trying to get pregnant, getting pregnant (discovering it), a miscarry, hugging, engagement.
Inappropriate Romance:Several mentions of scantily clad women, strip club and contest (past), searching news broadcasters and the results are stalker like or slightly bad, brief mention of periods, Cassidy's ex made her cut up her underwear because he thought it was to s-xy.

Language: S-ck.

Violence:Shooting, murder, strangling, abusive father and boyfriend (ex) mentioned, yelling/arguments, scuffles, death, threats, attempted suicide.

Other:Drinking (mentioned six or more, three times kinda major), drugs, brief gay/lesbian mention, illness, lying, brief mention of smoking.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Wow. Very exciting and a great mystery. It would have kept me up and night if I hadn't finished it before *wink* The characters were a little weird, but then aren't we all??? A quick read definitely :) There were two parts where once the Nicole and found something out, Allison somehow remembered it. And vise versa. It may be that they are just super smart, but it seemed a little off. There was some strip club etc. and drinking, but it was pretty clean.

Rating & Age:4 stars. 14+
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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Ghoul Next Door

The Ghoul Next Door by Lisi Harrison.
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Monster High 2: The Ghoul Next DoorSummery: The town is a buzz from Frankie Stein losing her head while kissing her crush and well, losing her head. Being sewn together by her dad only a few months ago is weird enough...not to mention being a monster. So now all the monsters are in hiding. But the guy Frankie kissed has a girlfriend, and Bekka is not to happy about it. She learns of the monsters through the new girl, Melody. Melody's monster is her crush, Jackson actually. And through a video of Jackson turning into his other half on her phone, Bekka is now threatening that unless she has Frankie, monsters go public. Melody joins the monsters in hope of turning this tragedy around.

Romance: A few kisses, liking/crushing, hugging, holding hands, flirting.

Language: Su-k.

Violence: Yelling arguments, meanness.

Other: Monsters (zombies, werewolves, Frankensteins, vampires, Jekyll Hyde type guy), mention of an invisible guy being naked, hating certain type of people because they're different, being mean/catty.

Time Period: Modern.

What I Thought: Funny, pretty fast past even if not suspenseful and, thankfully, not as catty as The Clique. Quite an interesting book with all the monsters mashed into it. Fun and easy read :)

Rating & Age: 3 stars. 13+.
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