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Beckon by Tom Pawlik.

Summery:Welcome To Beckon, Wyoming. You aren't here by chance. And they certainly aren't. Jack Kendrick is looking for his father who disappeared in the area about twelve years earlier, he learns of caves rumored to have a strange  Indian tribe with dark secrets. He takes a guide and goes to explore, ending in things and secrets he never dreamed. Elina Gutierrez is an ex-cop who came searching for her missing cousin, and she is on a mission to find him. George Wilcox came searching for a last hope, a cure for his beloved wife. All about to fall into the strange towns secrets and an adventure to remember.

Romance:George and his wife kiss, love each other etc. And at one point it is implied they make out like younger people (they are both in their 70s).


Violence: Murder, injuries, human sacrifice, someone being beat up/tortured, death, yelling/argument, crab/spider like creatures that fee upon animals and human (they eat humans, killing them twice. It is not completely described but is a bit gruesome).

Other:The Indian tribe (N'Watu?) worship the spider/crab queen and sacrifice to her, lying, immortality, playing god, a type of drug (sorta).

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts:It certainly was exciting! Since the third chapter it has me reading on and on. It was well written, however there was one scene were there was a choice to be made offered to George by the mad guy that I did not understand. It seemed like if he went one way it went against what the bad guy wanted him to may have been me and there may have been things that I didn't consider. But it seemed a little confusing. Otherwise it was an enjoyable, exciting book. I would recommend it to YA+ (14+ for violence)

My Stars:4
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I got a free copy of this book from the publishers. I was not required to write a positive review.


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