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A Bride For Donnigan

A Bride For Donnigan by Janette Oke.
An installment of the Women of the West series.
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A Bride for Donnigan (Women of the West #7)Summery: When faced with the possibility of a better life in America to being a servant  in England with an uncaring half family... Kathleen O'Malley decided to become a mail order bride. Though she finds it a bit crude, America has to be better than here though. She is also hoping and wanting to see this marriage through. Meanwhile, through friends urging and his own loneliness Donnigan Harrison has up and ordered himself a bride. Both of them scared and searching. Through it all, will they find God and peace?

Romance:Mail ordered brides, being married (nothing inappropriate mentioned), a few kisses (not described),  touching/hugging, pregnancy (not described).

Language: None.

Violence:A fire, contractions, losing a child (twice), burned hands, yelling/arguments.

Other:Bad relatives, the man, Mr.Jenks, who took up the women offered to take Kathleen with him. Another man on the ship (I believe he was someone who flirted with the brides?) and a small scandal and some frivolous attitude.

Time Period: Some point in the western rush...perhaps late 1800s?

What I Thought:It was a well written book and I do love westerns :) It was sad, but not overbearing. It didn't go into the marriage stuff so for a teen it fell a little flat, but it would be good for a tween and that is what, I believe, the author was aiming for. So although older can read it and enjoy, I don't think they will as much as someone younger would. Quite clean.

Rating & Age:3 stars. 13+ (probably 12+)
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  1. Aw! I remember fondly reading all these novels. =)

    1. I've only read four or so but they are great! I wish I had read them sooner, when I was younger. Sierra
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