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City Of Ashes

City Of Ashes by Cassandra Clare.
The second book in The Mortal Instruments series.
Read my review of the first book, City Of Bones.

City of Ashes (Mortal Instruments)Summery: Clary Fray  has discovered she is a shadow without training unfortunately, but she is still one. Her mother kept many secrets from her. After rescuing her from Clary's (just another thing mother forgot to mention) evil father, Valentine, she has been in a coma since then and hasn't been able to answer Clary's questions. Valentine got away with what he was after, The Mortal Cup, unfortunately. Now Clary is unsure which way to go. Normal or shadow hunter. They pull her in both directions. To make matters worse, her new found (but perhaps a bit unwanted, as there seems to be a spark between them) brother, Jace, is in danger to be killed!

Romance:A few kisses, liking someone, attraction, touching.
Inappropriate Romance:Sleeping together (nothing past kisses, hugs while they were sleeping described/mentioned) talking about s-x (one sentence), liking your brother.

Language: P--s, d-m-, a--, ba--a-d, bi--h, God's name in vain.

Violence:Killing, death, sucking blood(vampire), injuries, fights, yelling/arguments.

Other:Werewolves, demons, vampires, tattoos, the whole supernatural part might be blasphemous to some, I kinda just ignore it, if it does seem really bad though I'll mention it. Warlocks, fey, magic, gay characters. *note* I believe everyone should have their own opinion and such, and mine is that the Bible says that homosexuality is not okay. However if someone I knew was gay or supported it I would not go all hater on them because that is their belief. And I have mine. Just wanted to make that clear. 

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts: If you can ignore the language and such, it is a pretty good story. The plot and characters seem so real and it makes you keep on reading. Of course the things that I do not agree with brings it down a little in my view, but if you are an older reader used to it, or if some of the things don't bother you then I'm sure you might enjoy it more. For instance, my mom doesn't like a lot of violence, it doesn't really bother me though. I hope it improves. (I wrote this a while ago and I am happy to say, SPOILER-ish, that it does work out between Clary and Jace, because the fact that she like likes her brother is kinda weird.) I would recommend this book for teens 14+ or so.

My Stars: 3.4
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  1. I'm totally in love with this series!!!! And the movie is coming out in 2013! So excited!

    I just finished the last book and the next one is coming out next month.

    I was SOO mad when it said Clary and Jace were brother and sister! I was like, "NO. NO. NO. This isn't happening. They have to end up together or I will die." So glad that they did! I love how Jace is soooo sweet! And of course, crazily awesome.

    I'm a little sad that they keep putting Clary/Jace/Simon on the covers... I want to see Isabelle or Alec and Magnus. I want to see Alec and Magnus. And I kinda wish they had kept is so you couldn't see the characters faces... it gave them like a sense of anonimity. But anyhoo.

    I shall end my rant. :) loved your review, loved this series, and am dying while waitinf for the next book.


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