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Eye Of The Oracle

Eye Of The Oracle by Bryan Davis.
Oracle Of Fire, book one.
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Eye of the Oracle (Oracles of Fire, Book 1)Summery:The prequel to the amazing series, Dragons In Our Midst, Eye of The Oracle starts way back in time, nearly the beginning. Right before the great ark has left actually. Going through history with many characters, it builds up to Billy and Bonnie's adventures. One you should remember is Sapphira Adi, an oracle of fire who, though for a while was working as a slave to Morgan, soon learned of her Heavenly Father's love and has helped many people through the years and has an amazing faith. See how it all started, the new adventures and secrets that are being revealed.

Romance:Loving someone, a kiss on the cheek, mention of someone being in love a lot, mating/marrying (dragons).
Inappropriate Romance: Naamah did "business" (implied) with men.


Violence:A lot of fighting, dying, injuries, killing. Not really gory however. The flood killing people, slaves being mistreated/beaten.

Other:Demons, dragons, magic of sorts, growing giants.

Time Period: From right before the ark until modern times.

My Thoughts:It was so very interesting to learn things Sapphira and her friends had done to help Billy and/or Bonnie, and the way it all started so long ago! As always it is a great book written by Bryan Davis who has been a huge favorite of mine since I picked up the first DIOM book. I had the pleasure of gettnig to meet him and get my copy of this book signed. And there in person he told me and my friend that he doesn't hold any headaches from his readers, so be warned he thinks his readers are smart enough to understand difficult things he writes about. I would recommend this series to mostly tweens and teens. (11-24 or so)

My Stars:5!
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