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A Man Of His Word

A Man Of His Word by Kathleen Fuller.
A Hearts of Middlefield book novel (First)
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A Man of His Word (Hearts of Middlefield Series, Book 1)Summery:Only four months after her wedding, Moriah Miller's husband Levi, had left her, it started with him leaving early to work and getting back late. But he is just gone now. Devastated, she is sure she has disappointed him as a wife and his leaving was her fault. Oh yes, and she is pregnant. Meanwhile Levi's twin brother, Gabriel Miller has been struggling against the feelings he has for her, as he has been doing for a while, it is much harder now though.
On the side of all of this mess regarding her, Moriah's brother, Tobias, is trying to figure out how he feels about Rachel Detweiler who seems to dislike him and drives him crazy, but he is quite attracted to her.

Romance:Kissing, longing and admiring, flirting, touching (hugging and holding hands), thinking and talking about someone, loving.
Inappropriate Romance:An affair/unfaithfulness, Levi is told by the woman he was with after he left Moriah, that she was pregnant (Spoiler) however she was not.

Language: Heck.

Violence:Wanting to hit someone, a burnt hand, car/buggy accidents, death, injuries,  yelling/arguing, contractions.

Other:Mention of an Amish boy leaving, doing drugs and being in jail for a short while. Lying.

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought: I read it in an afternoon, I do love Amish books and this author is a good one. I really liked the characters and it had a wonderful plot, very exciting. However at some times it seemed a bit more worldly than the Amish might be in reality. Although in different towns/groups it can vary what they believe is wrong. So it could just be that. It is an adult book, so I would recommend YA+ (14/15)

My Stars:4
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  1. I really liked this one :) Though it kind of seemed like it the author was expecting you to know facts and people... is it part of a series or am I just a bit slow? ;)

    1. It is part of a series, the first in the Hearts Of Middlefield which goes into the Middlefield family series later on. I didn't have any problems that I remember, but I don't think you are slow Trinka! Sierra
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