Monday, April 16, 2012

The Nightmare Ninja

MoonShadow: The Nightmare Ninja by Simon Higgins.
The sequel to The Rise Of The Ninja.

Moonshadow #2: The Nightmare NinjaSummery: MoonShadow and his new friend Snowhawk have been sent to protect the White Nun. A very important mission. Of course there is also the problem that  Snowhawk is dealing with her rage against the Fuma clan that trained her by being quite aggressive. MoonShadow is worried about her. Although he doesn't tell The Grey Light Order... he is giving her another chance. And the force their enemy, Silver Wolf, is amassing to get revenge on The Grey Light Order is another problem it is a foreign threat that could change everything. A dangerous mission, that is, in fact, not quite what it seems at first.

Romance: Really nothing.


Violence: A lot of battles and fighting, knife throwing, hitting someone, shooting, killing(or talking about deciding whether to kill or not) injuries, yelling/arguments.

Other:Chanting/calming methods, Ninja tricks (controlling animals, hypnosis).

Time Period:Old Japan.

What I Thought:The first book may have been better. It took me a while to get into both of them but you do find it to get exciting after you get into it a bit. The plot is interesting and fast enough, but it isn't extremely exciting. I did enjoy it and it was a strong plot with good characters. I would recommend to Tweens about 11+

My Stars:3.8
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