Sunday, April 8, 2012


Snakehead by Anthony Hororwitz.
Book seven in the Alex Rider series.
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Snakehead (Alex Rider Adventure) (text only) Reprint edition by A. HorowitzSummery:Alex Rider is exceptional. A great spy. But he wants to get backto normal teen stuff. But after landing from his trip to outer space (long story) he really doesn't care about Australia's spy division offering him a job...until he leanrs he would be working with someone who had known his parents. His godfather actually. So now he is part of a cover to get into a smuggling business called Snakehead. Little does he know about the adventure and danger awaiting him. Especially since his old friends (ahem, not!) Scorpia runs it.

Romance:Mention of going out with somebody and how Alex's parents met.

Language: H--l, God's name in vain and possible d-m-.

Violence:Murder, setting a fire, knocking people out, hitting in the groin, deadly wrestling match, yelling/arguments, shooting, bombs, beating someone up, threats, liquidizing someone.

Other:Drinking, smoking (brief).

Time Period:Modern.

What I Thought:Exciting as always :) I found it a bit different direction too. It was more of a group that just one main crazy bad guy :P But still good. Mostly clean other than a good bit of violence. Probably mostly a guy book, but I do like them.

Rating & Age: 3.5 stars. YA+
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