Monday, April 30, 2012


Swipe by Evan Angler.

Summery: Logan Langly is an almost thirteen year old boy, facing a big moment in his life. one he feels he might be ready for. In the remnants of North America after terrible wars and destruction everyone is united by a mark now. Every child on their thirteenth birthday can choose to take the mark. Nearly everyone has one, the mark allows you to get a job and but things. But Logan is unsure in more than one way.For one thing someone named Peck seems to be after him, but why? And most of all, his sister, Lily, died getting the mark! Every since her death he has felt like someone has been watching him, moving things in his room and such. Now he thinks it may have been this strange Peck person. He is having doubts about it all the only way to decide is to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Romance: Liking, crushing on someone, pretending to like someone, holding hands, a sort of date.

Language: None.

Violence: Injuries, hitting/beating someone up, kidnapping of sorts, yelling, arguments, arson briefly mentioned.

Other: Controlling government, lying, homeless people, stealing, hacking.

Time Period: Future.

My Thoughts: It was a very exciting book! It kept me up at night reading (I'm serious about that *wink*)  Interesting plot and although the main character is a bit younger than me, I was still able to enjoy it a lot. It was a good dystopian fiction, and, although I have read better, it was really well written and made it real. I would recommend this book for readers in their tweens or teens. (12 or 13 +)

My Stars: 4
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