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Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix.
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UprisingSummery:Bella is fresh off Ellis Island from Italy. She is here to help her mother and siblings, to earn money. Her distant cousin is watching out for her. He even got her a job at the triangle Shirtwaist factory! it is hard work though and everything is new to Bella. Meanwhile Yetta is a passionate union worker trying to get the factory bosses to treat the workers fairly. And Jane is a rich girl who is discovering there is more to life than just dresses and parties. Join these girls and learn about the women's right movement and that terrible day...

Romance:Liking someone (maybe loving), flirting, admiring, thinking/talking about someone.


Violence:Bosses hitting the girls, strikers being beaten and thrown into jail, the fire (146 lives), girls and poor people being treated unfairly (cheated and etc.), yelling arguing.

Other:One of the characters is frisking to check if she stole something, smoking, mention of drinking and prostitutes.

Time Period:1909-1911?

My Thoughts:It seemed a bit of a different style for Margaret Peterson Haddix, she usually does thriller/suspense/action stuff. However, needless to say, it was a great book. One that really made you feel the tragedy and sorrow of the fire. Yet still an enjoyable historical read, too. it doesn't get sad until nearer the end and it isn't terrible depressing. It was a very interesting and exciting book :) I would recommend to readers 13 and up.

My Stars: 4
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