Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Serpent's Shadow

The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan.
Book three of the Kane Chronicles.
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The Serpent's Shadow (The Kane Chronicles, Book Three)Summery:With impending doom and the end of the world coming quite soon unless they do something about it, Sade and Carter Kane are off on another impossible adventure. Apophis is  rising and getting more and more powerful each day. He is not trying to destroy the world all at once, but attacking and destroying certain scrolls, the Kane's realize the scrolls must have some secret that he doesn't want revealed. Sade and Carter must find the weakness he "might" have and they need to find it soon. The House Of Life is spread very thinly with attacks coming from here and there, weakening them. And some of the magicians have abandoned the House Of Life, because they think Amos Kane shouldn't rule The House of Life.

Romance:Liking someone, thinking/talking about someone, 3 or so kisses (brief not descriptive), holding hands.


Violence: Battles/fighting, injuries, yelling/arguments, death, near death situations, being hunted,

Other:Magic/magicians, hiding something/lying, Greek mythology, Greek gods, possession kinda, demons, visiting the underworld kinda.

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts:I enjoy reading mythology, especially if it is a Rick Riordan one! He has some really good quality books. :) This one had a good plot, characters I loved and laughed at some of the things they said, it was exciting with a great adventure and it has a good ending (or so we are supposed to think) to the three book series, The Kane Chronicles. I would recommend to guys and girls...10 or so  plus. There really isn't much romance and the violence isn't too bad. But it really depends on the person. But I should think tweens will really enjoy it!

My Stars:5
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hope Springs

Hope Springs by Kim Cash Tate.

Summery: Janelle's husband died about two  years ago and it crushed her leaving her going through the motions and distancing herself from her family. The first visit back to her hometown, Hope Springs, she feels led to stay with her grandmother. They have just found out that she has lung cancer and she will need help around the house when she starts chemo. Janelle feels God working on her heart to heal her in more ways than one! A past love has appeared back in her life and their daughters hit it right off, she can't help but imagine a new start. Meanwhile the fact that Janelle is staying to help serves as the kickoff for her cousin, Stephanie's urging to stay and help out as well. To get started on her "boot camp" toward serving others. Becca is super happy that she has landed a spot speaking at a big women's conference but her bug plans start to fall apart  a bit, her father-in-law died and now her husband wants to take over preaching at his old hometown church. She doesn't know what to think, but can she trust God to lead her?

Romance: A couple kisses (not really described), touching/hugging, admiring, liking/loving someone, thinking/talking about someone, flirting.
Inappropriate Romance:Premarital s-x, pregnancy resulting from premarital s-x, cheating and/or dating several people and not committing

Language: None.

Violence:Yelling/arguing. Falling and getting slightly injured, death.

Other:Racism, divorce, cancer, illness. Lying (indirectly?)

Time Period: Modern.

My Thoughts: I wasn't sure at the beginning when I started reading (or even when I first got it) if I would like this book. However I wound up really enjoying it! I didn't know, but it's in a series and I have read the 3rd book. I jumped in without realizing this until the end. It doesn't really matter I think, because I was able to read it it without getting confused. So you could read it without the rest of the series, although I am going to try to read the others. I was glad of the fact the I could read it without first reading the others and I really liked it. Pretty, clean christian. I would recommend to girls/women as the main characters are women and for ages YA+

My Stars: 5
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Princess Curse

The Princess Curse by Merrie Haskell.

The Princess CurseSummery: Reveka  is an smart and quick, herbalists apprentice in a castle whose twelve princess are cursed. No one has been able to figure out where they disappear to. And anyone who tries to find out is in danger. They have put many to sleep in someway...and these people cannot be woken up. Reveka wants to figure some way possible, anyway to to break the strange curse. It is very important that they get married off (and who would with all the rumors and mystery) soon, because the countries all around them moving in since Prince Vasile doesn't have an heir yet. She gets even more determined when her friend falls under a deep sleep caused by the princesses, to guard  their secret, whatever it is. Although she may be in danger Reveka pushed on, she wants to discover this secret!

Romance: A crush (on a servant boy), talk of betrothing, mention of young brides not being a true wife for a few years.

Language: None.

Violence: Yelling/arguing, poisoning, iron boots and dancing until their feet bleed, threats, threats of war.

Other: Dragons (in humanoid shape shifting), enslaving people with enchantments.

Time Period: Another world close to ours, Medieval.

My Thoughts: This is a mixture of The Twelve Dancing Princess and Beauty And The Beast. It was a very different retelling, though some of the foundation was the same. It was a quite an interesting retelling/fairy tale :) I would recommend this book to girls who love fairy tales and fantasy, possible Greek myths and that are tween aged. (11/12)

My Stars: 3.6
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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Maid Of Fairbourne Hall

The Maid Of Fairbourne Hall by Julie Klassen.
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Maid of Fairbourne Hall, TheSummery: When Margaret's step-father married her mother all he wanted was an inheritance...only to discover that his wife wouldn't not inherit...but his step-daughter. So now he is pushing her toward a marriage with his nephew, in the hope of getting it in that way. One night she decides immediately that she must flee, after overhearing his plans to force her into marriage in whatever ways possible! And what terrible plans they are. She escapes with her maid and finds that the life of pleasure that she is used to does not fit with the servant lifestyle she hopes to hide in. Donning a wig and glasses she hides away and ironically finds work at the Nathaniel Upchurch's home. He was the man who, at one time, she had rejected.

Romance: A couple kisses, touching.hugging, attraction, liking/loving someone, thinking/talking about someone, flirting.
Inappropriate Romance: Ungentlemanly things, being out late at night and scandalous rumors, threat of rape, a character was playboy.

Language: None.

Violence: A duel, attempted murder, a few fist fights, death, shooting, yelling/arguing.

Other: Drinking (brief barely mentioned)

Time Period:1815.

My Thoughts: Julie Klassen is a wonderful author, I could not (or would not :P) put down this book. It was a great read, enjoyable, nice romance and interesting characters. I think either this one or The Silent Governess would be my favorite of her's. She just brings old England to life. And all the things you learn about how the servants cleaned, the kitchen was ran, the governess estranged and is all so interesting! I would recommend to girls and women, YA+ (YA=14/15+)

My Stars: 5
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lonestar Secrets

Lonestar Secrets by Colleen Coble.
Book two in the Lonestar series.
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Lonestar Secrets (Lonestar Series, Book 2)Summery:Coming back to her home town and bad memories to work as the new vet was hard for Shannon Astor. Even more so now that she has learned what really happened to her daughter, Kylie's twin, the baby she thought had died. It was stolen. Swapped at birth and now the truth has come out with her return. The father of her other child,Faith, is Jack MacGowan has only hurt Shannon in the past. Having the money and fame on his side Shannon knows that is would be a hard battle in court. Especially as a single mother. There is only one solution it looks like. A Marriage that they will somehow get to work. But how when there are the secrets from the past between them?

Romance:Attraction, flirting, kissing, loving, thinking about marriage and such, hugging/touching.
Inappropriate Romance:An affair, premarital s-x.

Language: None.

Violence:Baby switching (kidnapping basically), shooting, threatening, yelling/arguing, fires, injuries.

Other:Badly treated animals, mention of drinking.

Time Period: Modern.

My Thoughts:I happen to have a thing for books out west, cowboys and horses. With some adventure and romance thrown in with some mystery on the side. I also happen to love this series and the author. I have read at least 10 of her books not and I'm not about to stop! It was a little like the first but it was a great book. Exciting and enjoyable. I liked it :) I would recommend to girls/women mostly YA+ (YA=14/15+).

My Stars:5
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Monday, May 21, 2012


Insurgent by Veronica Roth.
Sequel to Divergent.
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Insurgent (Divergent)Summery: Beatrice (Tris) Prior's  stable world feel apart when she switched from Abnegation to Dauntless. There are five factors: Abnegation (humility) Amity (peace), Dauntless (bravery), Erudite (learning), and Candor (honesty). And the Factionless. Now many of the Abnegation including her parents are dead. Killed by dauntless under simulation, being controlled by the Erudite. Tris only escaped by the fact that she is Divergent and immune to simulation control. Now she and Tobias.Four jump from here to there. Trying to find someplace safe. She believes Marcus (Tobias's father) knows something about why the Erudite would attack the Abnegation and she wants the truth to come out. Struggling with the killing she saw and did and her slightly unsteady relationship with Tobias, it's hard to imagine that she will ever be really happy again. All she feels is pain and anger.

Romance:Kisses, flirting, liking/loving someone, touching, thinking/talking about someone.
Inappropriate Romance: Tris and Four/Tobias sleep together once or twice but nothing is described and it is partly because she is badly scared (nothing happened that time).The other time starts with kissing (?) and a couple times she touches under his shirt.They also making out close together and she is still kinda scared about having s-x with him as in the first book.

Language:H--l, Crap, B----rd.

Violence:Abusive dad, fights, injuries, murder, shooting, killing and death, yelling/arguments, torture, scaring someone and liking it, hatred, threats.

Other:Lying, simulations, manipulation, brief mention of drinking, depression.

Time Period:Future.

My Thoughts:This book and the first one are simply wonderful. They aren't the cleanest, but they are still pretty clean. the characters, the They are just great! You live inside the book and are caught up in the excitement and you will no doubt be wishing you were Dauntless. It is a very exciting, interesting, edge of your seat and very, very enjoyable. (for me) This one was a bit more sad/depressing, but it was still good. I would recommend this book to guys and gals in the YA section. There is a bit of romance that isn't the great and some violence. But I would say 13/14+ depending on the reader.

My Stars:5
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ranger's Apprentice:The Lost Stories

Ranger's Apprentice:The Lost Stories by John Flanagan.
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Ranger's Apprentice: The Lost StoriesSummery:Some mysteries you didn't get to hear.If you are a fan I'm sure you wondered more about the Ranger's horses. Or perhaps you have wondered where Will came from and Halt's ties to his past? Or what Gilan did while Halt was rescuing Will and Evanlyn from the Skandians? Or what Will and Horace's weddings were like? (for the girl readers I'm sure this one was longed for :) Along with these and other wonderful tales...enjoy these "lost stories" of Will and his friends. (It's a volume of about 9, I think, short stories about questions that have been sent in to the author that are answered.)

Romance:A few kisses, liking/loving someone, teasing about it and thinking about someone.


Violence:Shooting (arrows), several deaths, dog fights, fights, a bit descriptive of injuries, attempted murder, yelling/arguing, and once mention of torturing.

Other:Mentioned or possible suicide but discovered not to be.

Time Period:Medieval.

My Thoughts:Great. As most of the author's books are. (some are to short, they don't go on long enough :P) I had some questions answered and some I didn't know I had thought of! I really enjoyed it. It was a "yummy" read :P I would recommend to both guys and girls. Teens, tweens, some adults would enjoy I would think too. (12/11+)

My Stars:4.6
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The World Above

The World Above by Cameron Dokey.
A Once Upon A Time book.
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The World Above (Once Upon a Time (Simon Pulse))Summery: Gen and her twin, Jack, could not be more different. She is practical where he is very impulsive. They love each other but they still argue  a bit, considering their differences. For instance, he believes the stories their mother tells them about their true home in the land above. She says she escaped with them and that they will go back one day and stop hiding the world below. Soon their mother tells them the time has come to go and to reclaim their murdered father's land. She escaped, but has always told them stories. They grow a magic beanstalk and that is proof that the stories Gen dismissed as fairy tales are true. Jack goes first and when he fails to return after a  period of time Gen is off on her adventure. (one which is slightly unwanted)

Romance: One kiss, mention of touching, liking/loving someone, thinking/talking about someone.

Language: None.

Violence: Small fights, yelling/arguing, murder.

Time Period:Medieval.

My Thoughts:A wonderful retelling! Not only Jack and The Beanstalk in clever story and plot, but Robin Hood thrown in as well!  It is a good, clean, and enjoyable fairy tale. I would recommend this book to Teens and tweens. (12/13+)

My Stars: 3.6
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes by Shannon Dittemore.

Summery: Brielle escaped Stratus, Oregon for the city when a talent scout saw her dancing at a high school ballet recital. She has been gone two years and now she has come back very different. Her old friends and her father try to help, but she is still heartbroken. And always cold. What could help her heal after her best friend who inspired her so much  died? And Brielle feels like she could have stopped Ali's death too. If only she had said something more.  On her second day back in Stratus she is caught dancing her heart out by the new boy, Jake Shield. He is nice and always seems to be around...what sets him apart is his warmth. Whenever he touches her she is warm like she hasn't been for days! There is something mysterious about him...and when he heals her broken ankle she just knows he isn't normal. He tells her  his secret, which involves demons, angels and the Father who loves her and all his children so dearly.

Romance: Three or so scenes where Jake and Brielle kiss (slightly described), flirting, touching/ holding, liking someone, thinking and talking about someone.
Inappropriate Romance:Ali and Marco are going to get married, but Ali was already pregnant. Prostitutes (kinda mentioned/implied).

Language: D-n-, Crap.

Violence: Battles (two/three), injuries (some blood described) , death, murder, yelling/arguments, abuse of children, Marco, Ali's boyfriend is framed with her murder and abusing her.

Other: Demons, lies, human trafficking, drinking and beer slightly mentioned twice, child abandonment.

Time Period: Modern.

My Thoughts: I really liked it! This is the second Christian supernatural type I've read the past two or so months. I enjoyed this one more perhaps because I related to the character and plot more and also because the romance didn't seem as fleshy. Brielle is such a pretty name and I love this one part where she says she feels so nosy looking into an angel guardian Caanan's room. I always feel nosy going into someone's room! Ahem...Jake was just one of the sweetest guys ever and the Biblical references and such went really well with the plot and it was just a good book! A little violence however so I would recommend this book to YA (14 and up although some thirteen year olds could probably read it depending on their maturity) girls, although I think some boys might still enjoy it, even if the MC is a girl.

My Stars: 5
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Kiss In Time

A Kiss In Time by Alex Flinn.
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A Kiss in TimeSummery: Talia has been warned away from spindles more times than she could ever count. The curse saying she will sleep if she touches one is a day away from expiring. And on that day the  curse comes true. Now, Jack has found a strange castle. Sent to Europe by his parents he was bored of museums and decided to go off and explore. The castle has a ton of sleeping people inside. Eerily breathing throughout the castle.  When he finds a beautiful girl asleep...well he kisses her. Turns out she is a princess, Princess Tali. Join a modern retelling of the classic, Sleeping Beauty. In modern times you can just imagine what a stir a medieval princess will make.

Romance:Kisses, flirting, attraction, liking/loving, hugging, holding, hands.
Inappropriate Romance: Talia is groped and attempted to take advantage of. Mention of a topless beach.


Violence:Injuries (Scratches mostly), yelling/arguing, mean words.

Other: Drinking (a small bit), drugs (mention of weed and pot), immodest clothing mentioned, speaking of a private spot of body or underwear.

Time Period:Mostly modern.

My Thoughts:It could be that I'm a huge fan of the fairy tale (Beauty And The Beast)...but Beastly was just a lot better. This one it a retelling of Sleeping Beauty,  And I kinda think it was cleaner. The beginning had language and some inappropriate romance, but afterwards it was pretty clean. This one just had it throughout and though it wasn't a ton, I think it was "dirtier". It is a good book, still, but not a favorite for me. I would recommend to YA (14 or so+).

My Stars: 2
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Enoch's Ghost

Enoch's Ghost by Bryan Davis.
Book two in the Oracles Of Fire series.
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Enoch's Ghost (Oracles of Fire, Book 2)Summery: Rejoin the story you love that has dragons, adventure and heroic characters! You can start a new adventure with some of your favorites: Ashley, Walter and Karen as they discover the Oracles Of Fire, the new enemies and a unique and fresh adventure. With the giants called Nephilim being awakened so that they can bring chaos. Soon they will roam the world bringing destruction and will help Mardon with his plan to join Heaven, Earth and Hades together. Ashley and her friends join her new found brother Gabriel and Sapphira Adi to try and stop him! Meanwhile, other characters, familial or not, have different missions, just as important as the one Ashley has.

Romance: Liking/loving somone, talking about having a relationship, thinking about someone.

Language: None.

Violence: Death, killing, some battle scenes, threats, wounds/injuries, yelling/arguments, fighting dragons (also with them).

Other:Dragons, giants, magic like stuff (portals, conjuring fire).

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts: Perhaps not as revealing as the first. The first had so many secrets that were told this one hints of new ones you are begging to unravel. Nor is it, sadly, as long as the first book. With a book like this you want it to last and last. It was a wonderful story with much excitement and adventure. Another great Bryan Davis adventure! I would recommend this book to everyone, boys and girls, younger and older. (12 to 11+)

My Stars: 5
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Always War

The Always War by Margaret Peterson Haddix.
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The Always WarSummery: Tessa goes to watch a medal ceremony only to be shocked. She cannot believe when the hero her whole town admires to much refuses his medal, saying he is coward! He brought a lot of glory to her town...and now he walks away from it. When she sees him later in a back alley she approaches him (as she knew him when the were children) because she just has to understand the why. He says he is guilty of killing more than a thousand of their enemies. Soon she finds herself, unknowingly following Gideon into enemy territory. He wants to go and turn himself in. She thinks he is crazy. Everyone knows that they will be shot down immediately. But the what they find surprises her. There they finally find the truth of the war that has always been.

Romance: Kind of having a crush, fangirl like.

Language: Crap.

Violence: A terrible, long war. Calling people names, beating someone up or trying to, yelling/arguments, bullies, despairing and being kinda violent.

Other: Lying, mention of drugs, the way the people are living (hating and being so blah. I'm guessing I meant unresponsive and uncaring other routines.)

Time Period: Future.

My Thoughts:A little slow (unlike the author, all of the other books I have read by her have grabbed me and pulled me in soon enough, this one just didn't) and a sad. But it is still pretty exciting and it has a pretty good plot. It is a bit short and not a favorite of hers for me, but still alright. I would recommend to readers Tween/Teen (12+)

My Stars: 3
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Where There's A Wolf, There's A Way

Where There's A Wolf, There's A Way by Lisi Harrison.
Book three in the Monster High series.
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Monster High 3: Where There's a Wolf, There's a WaySummery:Frankie and all of the monsters are reeling from a tragedy. The teenage monsters had an idea of speaking out that they didn't mean harm through a movie to people with their faces hidden. When it was shown there was a little was just shown without the hidden identities part. Oops. Some of the monster's families, like Frankie have stayed. Other have left or gone into hiding. Not good for Clawdeen's Sassy Sixteen birthday party. But she still hopes for some freedom and some spotlight time. Meanwhile Melody has discovered that she can tell people what to do and they will do it! And that her mom isn't who she thoughts she was...

Romance:Crushes, a few kisses, flirting, attraction/admiring, parents acting mushy.
Inappropriate Romance: Slightly crude jokes, one scene in which the invisible boy Billy gets a spray tan by Candace (Melody's sister) while only wearing underwear.

Language:P--s. Probably s-ck and crap.

Violence:Monsters being hunted (no one really does though), yelling/arguments, going werewolf and almost scaring/attacking some people.

Other: Monsters, siren songs, some Lady Gaga stuff mentioned (lyrics?) as some characters go to a concert.

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts: Okay. They are cute, pretty exciting and enjoyable. Oh did I mention funny too? However, they can be a little catty and have a few things I don't agree with. Mostly this series is clean and I like it better than Lisi Harrison's other series, The Clique. They aren't amazingly written but they are a fun read. I would recommend to YA. (13+)

My Stars: 3
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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Interrupted by Rachel Coker.

Summery: Alcyone "Allie"  Everly grew up fast. At fourteen she was taking care of her ill mother more than her mother was taking care of her. Plagued not only by worry and sadness, but also an annoying (in Allie's eyes) boy named Sam Carroll who gets under her skin. Allie treasures the nights when her mother thinks straight and asks for her to play the piano or read a poem of Emily Dickinson's to her. Her mother's dream is for Allie to become a great poet just like Emily Dickinson. One sad day seems to change her life to something she can never change back.She rashly tells Sam she blames him for her mother's death as she is taken away to Maine. There, a woman named Beatrice Lovell takes her in. She seems determined to take over as Allie's mother, but she just wants to love Allie. But Allie's pain and bitterness won't let her get close.

Romance: Holding hands, hugging, liking/loving someone, admiring, flirting, a cheek kiss perhaps.

Language: None.

Violence: Death (from wars and sickness), hitting someone with a shoe (remarkable scene :), several water incidents (could have possibley drowned, but did not), injuries, yelling/arguments.

Other: War, butterness, lies, a husband who left, illness.

Time Period: 1939-1945

My Thoughts: It was a great book! Well written, enjoyable, a good plot and a very heart warming story. I especially liked all the Emily Dickinson poems strewn through the book and at the beginning of chapters. I loved scenic descriptions and yes, the scene where Allie hits Sam with her shoe! All the scenes with them together you just tear through they are so addictive! :) Sam and Allie are just wonderful characters as are Ms. Beatrice and her other daughter (whose name escapes me at the moment, sorry!). Plus it was written by a teenager ! She wrote the book when she was 14, had a contract with Zondervan when she turned 1 and now it is out and she is a 16 year old! You can go check out her website here:Rachel Coker. So that made it pretty excited and made me feel like I just might have a chance of getting published sometime too. I would recommend this book to (11/12 +) tweens, teens and adults. It doesn't have really any bad content and a wonderful story.

My Stars: 5
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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Final Hour

The Final Hour by Andrew Klavan.
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The Final Hour (The Homelanders)Summery:Charlie West has been running for a while now. When he woke up in a strange room with the possibility of being tortured he realized that he had forgotten his past and he was soon running from terrorists and the police. Now with his memories returning, he is stuck in prison, without real cause and no one to tell when he remember something vital. Hoping to get out he soon gets desperate enough to break out with some other thugs when an urgent memory returns. The leader of the Homelanders (the terrorists) is planning on a bombing on New Year's Eve. Charlie is the only one who knows. He has to stop him, because Charlie is one of the good guys.

Romance:Charlie likes/loves a girl, Beth. He thinks about her too.


Violence: Murder, killing and death, threats, beating someone up, abusive guard, injuries, fighting, bombs, hatred, yelling/arguments, plane crash, mention of torture.

Other:Mention of illegal actions, drugs, racism.

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts:Exciting, fast paced and Charlie is a great main character, and a real hero. With a bit of violence, yes, but Christian themes and a good plot. I truly enjoyed this series, in some ways it was a bit like Alex Rider. I would recommend this book to guys (although girls can enjoy it too!) 13+

My Stars:3.7
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Close To Famous

Close To Famous by Joan Bauer.

Close to FamousSummery: When Foster and her mother have to leave on account of her mother's ex boyfriend breaking their window and hitting her mother, they wind up almost driving off a cliff! They stopped right before it and got towed by some nice people who let them live in the trailer behind their own house, for now. Who knows how long they will stay. Foster never had to many friends, sadly. And she dreams of baking and not being called stupid. Definitely on both notes. This town just might help her reach those dreams and get some real friends.

Romance:A crush, memtion of dating, loving (past).

Language:None I can remember.

Violence:Abusive ex boyfriend (twice, a punch and clutch both leaving a bruise), yelling/arguments, threats, deaths from war.

Other:Dyslexia like symptoms causing Foster to be called stupid by peers and adults, mention of prison nearby and it's prisoners.

Time Period: Modern.

My Thoughts:Tingly feel good story. You root for Foster through the whole book, hoping she'll find what she is looking for. You want her to triumph and you love it when she does. Wonderful characters and it's an enjoyable book!

My Stars: 3.9
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