Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Always War

The Always War by Margaret Peterson Haddix.
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The Always WarSummery: Tessa goes to watch a medal ceremony only to be shocked. She cannot believe when the hero her whole town admires to much refuses his medal, saying he is coward! He brought a lot of glory to her town...and now he walks away from it. When she sees him later in a back alley she approaches him (as she knew him when the were children) because she just has to understand the why. He says he is guilty of killing more than a thousand of their enemies. Soon she finds herself, unknowingly following Gideon into enemy territory. He wants to go and turn himself in. She thinks he is crazy. Everyone knows that they will be shot down immediately. But the what they find surprises her. There they finally find the truth of the war that has always been.

Romance: Kind of having a crush, fangirl like.

Language: Crap.

Violence: A terrible, long war. Calling people names, beating someone up or trying to, yelling/arguments, bullies, despairing and being kinda violent.

Other: Lying, mention of drugs, the way the people are living (hating and being so blah. I'm guessing I meant unresponsive and uncaring other routines.)

Time Period: Future.

My Thoughts:A little slow (unlike the author, all of the other books I have read by her have grabbed me and pulled me in soon enough, this one just didn't) and a sad. But it is still pretty exciting and it has a pretty good plot. It is a bit short and not a favorite of hers for me, but still alright. I would recommend to readers Tween/Teen (12+)

My Stars: 3
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  1. Hmmm...I've read most all of Haddix's books and never seen that one! Is it new?


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