Monday, May 14, 2012

Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes by Shannon Dittemore.

Summery: Brielle escaped Stratus, Oregon for the city when a talent scout saw her dancing at a high school ballet recital. She has been gone two years and now she has come back very different. Her old friends and her father try to help, but she is still heartbroken. And always cold. What could help her heal after her best friend who inspired her so much  died? And Brielle feels like she could have stopped Ali's death too. If only she had said something more.  On her second day back in Stratus she is caught dancing her heart out by the new boy, Jake Shield. He is nice and always seems to be around...what sets him apart is his warmth. Whenever he touches her she is warm like she hasn't been for days! There is something mysterious about him...and when he heals her broken ankle she just knows he isn't normal. He tells her  his secret, which involves demons, angels and the Father who loves her and all his children so dearly.

Romance: Three or so scenes where Jake and Brielle kiss (slightly described), flirting, touching/ holding, liking someone, thinking and talking about someone.
Inappropriate Romance:Ali and Marco are going to get married, but Ali was already pregnant. Prostitutes (kinda mentioned/implied).

Language: D-n-, Crap.

Violence: Battles (two/three), injuries (some blood described) , death, murder, yelling/arguments, abuse of children, Marco, Ali's boyfriend is framed with her murder and abusing her.

Other: Demons, lies, human trafficking, drinking and beer slightly mentioned twice, child abandonment.

Time Period: Modern.

My Thoughts: I really liked it! This is the second Christian supernatural type I've read the past two or so months. I enjoyed this one more perhaps because I related to the character and plot more and also because the romance didn't seem as fleshy. Brielle is such a pretty name and I love this one part where she says she feels so nosy looking into an angel guardian Caanan's room. I always feel nosy going into someone's room! Ahem...Jake was just one of the sweetest guys ever and the Biblical references and such went really well with the plot and it was just a good book! A little violence however so I would recommend this book to YA (14 and up although some thirteen year olds could probably read it depending on their maturity) girls, although I think some boys might still enjoy it, even if the MC is a girl.

My Stars: 5
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  1. I was so excited when I saw that you had read and reviewed 'Angel Eyes' because I just bought this book last week...thinking it looking super interesting and very similar to Heather Burch's 'Halflings' novel. Now I'm even more excited about reading it!

  2. I contemplated signing up to review this one but... didn't!


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