Friday, May 11, 2012

Enoch's Ghost

Enoch's Ghost by Bryan Davis.
Book two in the Oracles Of Fire series.
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Enoch's Ghost (Oracles of Fire, Book 2)Summery: Rejoin the story you love that has dragons, adventure and heroic characters! You can start a new adventure with some of your favorites: Ashley, Walter and Karen as they discover the Oracles Of Fire, the new enemies and a unique and fresh adventure. With the giants called Nephilim being awakened so that they can bring chaos. Soon they will roam the world bringing destruction and will help Mardon with his plan to join Heaven, Earth and Hades together. Ashley and her friends join her new found brother Gabriel and Sapphira Adi to try and stop him! Meanwhile, other characters, familial or not, have different missions, just as important as the one Ashley has.

Romance: Liking/loving somone, talking about having a relationship, thinking about someone.

Language: None.

Violence: Death, killing, some battle scenes, threats, wounds/injuries, yelling/arguments, fighting dragons (also with them).

Other:Dragons, giants, magic like stuff (portals, conjuring fire).

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts: Perhaps not as revealing as the first. The first had so many secrets that were told this one hints of new ones you are begging to unravel. Nor is it, sadly, as long as the first book. With a book like this you want it to last and last. It was a wonderful story with much excitement and adventure. Another great Bryan Davis adventure! I would recommend this book to everyone, boys and girls, younger and older. (12 to 11+)

My Stars: 5
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