Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hope Springs

Hope Springs by Kim Cash Tate.

Summery: Janelle's husband died about two  years ago and it crushed her leaving her going through the motions and distancing herself from her family. The first visit back to her hometown, Hope Springs, she feels led to stay with her grandmother. They have just found out that she has lung cancer and she will need help around the house when she starts chemo. Janelle feels God working on her heart to heal her in more ways than one! A past love has appeared back in her life and their daughters hit it right off, she can't help but imagine a new start. Meanwhile the fact that Janelle is staying to help serves as the kickoff for her cousin, Stephanie's urging to stay and help out as well. To get started on her "boot camp" toward serving others. Becca is super happy that she has landed a spot speaking at a big women's conference but her bug plans start to fall apart  a bit, her father-in-law died and now her husband wants to take over preaching at his old hometown church. She doesn't know what to think, but can she trust God to lead her?

Romance: A couple kisses (not really described), touching/hugging, admiring, liking/loving someone, thinking/talking about someone, flirting.
Inappropriate Romance:Premarital s-x, pregnancy resulting from premarital s-x, cheating and/or dating several people and not committing

Language: None.

Violence:Yelling/arguing. Falling and getting slightly injured, death.

Other:Racism, divorce, cancer, illness. Lying (indirectly?)

Time Period: Modern.

My Thoughts: I wasn't sure at the beginning when I started reading (or even when I first got it) if I would like this book. However I wound up really enjoying it! I didn't know, but it's in a series and I have read the 3rd book. I jumped in without realizing this until the end. It doesn't really matter I think, because I was able to read it it without getting confused. So you could read it without the rest of the series, although I am going to try to read the others. I was glad of the fact the I could read it without first reading the others and I really liked it. Pretty, clean christian. I would recommend to girls/women as the main characters are women and for ages YA+

My Stars: 5
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