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Insurgent by Veronica Roth.
Sequel to Divergent.
Read my review of Divergent.

Insurgent (Divergent)Summery: Beatrice (Tris) Prior's  stable world feel apart when she switched from Abnegation to Dauntless. There are five factors: Abnegation (humility) Amity (peace), Dauntless (bravery), Erudite (learning), and Candor (honesty). And the Factionless. Now many of the Abnegation including her parents are dead. Killed by dauntless under simulation, being controlled by the Erudite. Tris only escaped by the fact that she is Divergent and immune to simulation control. Now she and Tobias.Four jump from here to there. Trying to find someplace safe. She believes Marcus (Tobias's father) knows something about why the Erudite would attack the Abnegation and she wants the truth to come out. Struggling with the killing she saw and did and her slightly unsteady relationship with Tobias, it's hard to imagine that she will ever be really happy again. All she feels is pain and anger.

Romance:Kisses, flirting, liking/loving someone, touching, thinking/talking about someone.
Inappropriate Romance: Tris and Four/Tobias sleep together once or twice but nothing is described and it is partly because she is badly scared (nothing happened that time).The other time starts with kissing (?) and a couple times she touches under his shirt.They also making out close together and she is still kinda scared about having s-x with him as in the first book.

Language:H--l, Crap, B----rd.

Violence:Abusive dad, fights, injuries, murder, shooting, killing and death, yelling/arguments, torture, scaring someone and liking it, hatred, threats.

Other:Lying, simulations, manipulation, brief mention of drinking, depression.

Time Period:Future.

My Thoughts:This book and the first one are simply wonderful. They aren't the cleanest, but they are still pretty clean. the characters, the They are just great! You live inside the book and are caught up in the excitement and you will no doubt be wishing you were Dauntless. It is a very exciting, interesting, edge of your seat and very, very enjoyable. (for me) This one was a bit more sad/depressing, but it was still good. I would recommend this book to guys and gals in the YA section. There is a bit of romance that isn't the great and some violence. But I would say 13/14+ depending on the reader.

My Stars:5
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  1. Dear Sierra,
    thank you for torturing me with this book review. I am DYING to read this book and I will die if I can't soon! Ughhh... I seriously need some money! lol.

    Good review, though!

    1. i just got this book from the library district (was soo lucky to snag it before anybody else did! lol) and am LOVING it!

      and i have a maaaajor crush on Four. ;)

    2. Sorry for torturing you! I'm so glad that you got it though! Hehheee...hard not too. After I finished the first book I went to bed dreaming about being Dauntless. Sierra
      Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)
      Philippians 4:8


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