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Interrupted by Rachel Coker.

Summery: Alcyone "Allie"  Everly grew up fast. At fourteen she was taking care of her ill mother more than her mother was taking care of her. Plagued not only by worry and sadness, but also an annoying (in Allie's eyes) boy named Sam Carroll who gets under her skin. Allie treasures the nights when her mother thinks straight and asks for her to play the piano or read a poem of Emily Dickinson's to her. Her mother's dream is for Allie to become a great poet just like Emily Dickinson. One sad day seems to change her life to something she can never change back.She rashly tells Sam she blames him for her mother's death as she is taken away to Maine. There, a woman named Beatrice Lovell takes her in. She seems determined to take over as Allie's mother, but she just wants to love Allie. But Allie's pain and bitterness won't let her get close.

Romance: Holding hands, hugging, liking/loving someone, admiring, flirting, a cheek kiss perhaps.

Language: None.

Violence: Death (from wars and sickness), hitting someone with a shoe (remarkable scene :), several water incidents (could have possibley drowned, but did not), injuries, yelling/arguments.

Other: War, butterness, lies, a husband who left, illness.

Time Period: 1939-1945

My Thoughts: It was a great book! Well written, enjoyable, a good plot and a very heart warming story. I especially liked all the Emily Dickinson poems strewn through the book and at the beginning of chapters. I loved scenic descriptions and yes, the scene where Allie hits Sam with her shoe! All the scenes with them together you just tear through they are so addictive! :) Sam and Allie are just wonderful characters as are Ms. Beatrice and her other daughter (whose name escapes me at the moment, sorry!). Plus it was written by a teenager ! She wrote the book when she was 14, had a contract with Zondervan when she turned 1 and now it is out and she is a 16 year old! You can go check out her website here:Rachel Coker. So that made it pretty excited and made me feel like I just might have a chance of getting published sometime too. I would recommend this book to (11/12 +) tweens, teens and adults. It doesn't have really any bad content and a wonderful story.

My Stars: 5
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