Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Kiss In Time

A Kiss In Time by Alex Flinn.
Read my review of Beastly.

A Kiss in TimeSummery: Talia has been warned away from spindles more times than she could ever count. The curse saying she will sleep if she touches one is a day away from expiring. And on that day the  curse comes true. Now, Jack has found a strange castle. Sent to Europe by his parents he was bored of museums and decided to go off and explore. The castle has a ton of sleeping people inside. Eerily breathing throughout the castle.  When he finds a beautiful girl asleep...well he kisses her. Turns out she is a princess, Princess Tali. Join a modern retelling of the classic, Sleeping Beauty. In modern times you can just imagine what a stir a medieval princess will make.

Romance:Kisses, flirting, attraction, liking/loving, hugging, holding, hands.
Inappropriate Romance: Talia is groped and attempted to take advantage of. Mention of a topless beach.


Violence:Injuries (Scratches mostly), yelling/arguing, mean words.

Other: Drinking (a small bit), drugs (mention of weed and pot), immodest clothing mentioned, speaking of a private spot of body or underwear.

Time Period:Mostly modern.

My Thoughts:It could be that I'm a huge fan of the fairy tale (Beauty And The Beast)...but Beastly was just a lot better. This one it a retelling of Sleeping Beauty,  And I kinda think it was cleaner. The beginning had language and some inappropriate romance, but afterwards it was pretty clean. This one just had it throughout and though it wasn't a ton, I think it was "dirtier". It is a good book, still, but not a favorite for me. I would recommend to YA (14 or so+).

My Stars: 2
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  1. eeeh. not sure if I like this guy's books. I tried reading Beastly, but it was too... boring.

    I need books with lots of action and or romance. :)

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