Friday, May 25, 2012

The Maid Of Fairbourne Hall

The Maid Of Fairbourne Hall by Julie Klassen.
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Maid of Fairbourne Hall, TheSummery: When Margaret's step-father married her mother all he wanted was an inheritance...only to discover that his wife wouldn't not inherit...but his step-daughter. So now he is pushing her toward a marriage with his nephew, in the hope of getting it in that way. One night she decides immediately that she must flee, after overhearing his plans to force her into marriage in whatever ways possible! And what terrible plans they are. She escapes with her maid and finds that the life of pleasure that she is used to does not fit with the servant lifestyle she hopes to hide in. Donning a wig and glasses she hides away and ironically finds work at the Nathaniel Upchurch's home. He was the man who, at one time, she had rejected.

Romance: A couple kisses, touching.hugging, attraction, liking/loving someone, thinking/talking about someone, flirting.
Inappropriate Romance: Ungentlemanly things, being out late at night and scandalous rumors, threat of rape, a character was playboy.

Language: None.

Violence: A duel, attempted murder, a few fist fights, death, shooting, yelling/arguing.

Other: Drinking (brief barely mentioned)

Time Period:1815.

My Thoughts: Julie Klassen is a wonderful author, I could not (or would not :P) put down this book. It was a great read, enjoyable, nice romance and interesting characters. I think either this one or The Silent Governess would be my favorite of her's. She just brings old England to life. And all the things you learn about how the servants cleaned, the kitchen was ran, the governess estranged and is all so interesting! I would recommend to girls and women, YA+ (YA=14/15+)

My Stars: 5
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  1. I find your reviews very enlightening. Thank you.

  2. I think I've only read one of Julie's novels and while I really enjoyed it, I think I've concluded her books aren't my fave.


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