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Ranger's Apprentice:The Lost Stories

Ranger's Apprentice:The Lost Stories by John Flanagan.
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Ranger's Apprentice: The Lost StoriesSummery:Some mysteries you didn't get to hear.If you are a fan I'm sure you wondered more about the Ranger's horses. Or perhaps you have wondered where Will came from and Halt's ties to his past? Or what Gilan did while Halt was rescuing Will and Evanlyn from the Skandians? Or what Will and Horace's weddings were like? (for the girl readers I'm sure this one was longed for :) Along with these and other wonderful tales...enjoy these "lost stories" of Will and his friends. (It's a volume of about 9, I think, short stories about questions that have been sent in to the author that are answered.)

Romance:A few kisses, liking/loving someone, teasing about it and thinking about someone.


Violence:Shooting (arrows), several deaths, dog fights, fights, a bit descriptive of injuries, attempted murder, yelling/arguing, and once mention of torturing.

Other:Mentioned or possible suicide but discovered not to be.

Time Period:Medieval.

My Thoughts:Great. As most of the author's books are. (some are to short, they don't go on long enough :P) I had some questions answered and some I didn't know I had thought of! I really enjoyed it. It was a "yummy" read :P I would recommend to both guys and girls. Teens, tweens, some adults would enjoy I would think too. (12/11+)

My Stars:4.6
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