Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Serpent's Shadow

The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan.
Book three of the Kane Chronicles.
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The Serpent's Shadow (The Kane Chronicles, Book Three)Summery:With impending doom and the end of the world coming quite soon unless they do something about it, Sade and Carter Kane are off on another impossible adventure. Apophis is  rising and getting more and more powerful each day. He is not trying to destroy the world all at once, but attacking and destroying certain scrolls, the Kane's realize the scrolls must have some secret that he doesn't want revealed. Sade and Carter must find the weakness he "might" have and they need to find it soon. The House Of Life is spread very thinly with attacks coming from here and there, weakening them. And some of the magicians have abandoned the House Of Life, because they think Amos Kane shouldn't rule The House of Life.

Romance:Liking someone, thinking/talking about someone, 3 or so kisses (brief not descriptive), holding hands.


Violence: Battles/fighting, injuries, yelling/arguments, death, near death situations, being hunted,

Other:Magic/magicians, hiding something/lying, Greek mythology, Greek gods, possession kinda, demons, visiting the underworld kinda.

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts:I enjoy reading mythology, especially if it is a Rick Riordan one! He has some really good quality books. :) This one had a good plot, characters I loved and laughed at some of the things they said, it was exciting with a great adventure and it has a good ending (or so we are supposed to think) to the three book series, The Kane Chronicles. I would recommend to guys and girls...10 or so  plus. There really isn't much romance and the violence isn't too bad. But it really depends on the person. But I should think tweens will really enjoy it!

My Stars:5
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