Thursday, May 17, 2012

The World Above

The World Above by Cameron Dokey.
A Once Upon A Time book.
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The World Above (Once Upon a Time (Simon Pulse))Summery: Gen and her twin, Jack, could not be more different. She is practical where he is very impulsive. They love each other but they still argue  a bit, considering their differences. For instance, he believes the stories their mother tells them about their true home in the land above. She says she escaped with them and that they will go back one day and stop hiding the world below. Soon their mother tells them the time has come to go and to reclaim their murdered father's land. She escaped, but has always told them stories. They grow a magic beanstalk and that is proof that the stories Gen dismissed as fairy tales are true. Jack goes first and when he fails to return after a  period of time Gen is off on her adventure. (one which is slightly unwanted)

Romance: One kiss, mention of touching, liking/loving someone, thinking/talking about someone.

Language: None.

Violence: Small fights, yelling/arguing, murder.

Time Period:Medieval.

My Thoughts:A wonderful retelling! Not only Jack and The Beanstalk in clever story and plot, but Robin Hood thrown in as well!  It is a good, clean, and enjoyable fairy tale. I would recommend this book to Teens and tweens. (12/13+)

My Stars: 3.6
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  1. This book could be sweet - I love re-tellings of fairy-tales. =)


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