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As I have been very busy this past week I'm taking a break from reviews until next week. Then they'll start again. Sorry.  I just need to rest a bit :P Sierra 
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Grimm Legacy

The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman.
The Grimm Legacy

Summery: Elizabeth is a girl at a new school. She has hardly any friends and is excited when her social studies teacher recommends a job for her. At a sort of library he called it. But it has to be better than being friendless and nothing to do really. However it isn't  a library with only books, as she soon learns. It has all sorts of things that Patrons can take out even Marie Antoinette's wig! But the most mysterious of the collections of items is the Grimm Collection. Everyone is whispering about it...and the giant bird that tried to attack the last page, an amazingly magical adventure awaits!

Romance:A few kisses (not very descriptive), liking someone, thinking/talking about someone, touching.


Violence:Giant bird attacking, fighting with a dog/griffin as well, yelling/arguments, almost being eaten/attacked by a rat, mean words/cursing someone.

Other:Magic, lying, stealing, breaking the rules, a little boy makes a picture when he relieves himself and is proud of the "sun" he made.

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts: A great fantasy book! Lots of magic, a touch of romance and some interesting and funny bantering thrown in as well. I truly did enjoy it and the characters were likable, if not lovable. Even though it was for middle school/tween readers I still liked it and it was still pretty mature (so 12 or 13 not tween as in 10). I would recommend to tweens about that age ^^ and mostly to girls.

My Stars:4
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Looking Forward To:Reached

Reached (Matched Trilogy Book 3)Why am I looking forward to Reached?
(1.There is a vital secret that will possible change the mostly one sided love triangle...
(2.I feel like the first and second books have been building up to something pretty big.
(3. The main character is about to join the rebel group against the government.
(4. Another reason, to see if Reached will be better Mockingjay. As some have compared this series to The Hunger Games. I don't see it to much, however the government control is about the same. I would say the love triangle is about the same (not to much) and that the violence is a lot, lot less as is the excitement. It almost is calming at some points...other times it's just a little boring.
Also, isn't the cover pretty cool? I like how she has been "breaking out".
Ahem, anyway I am going to read it and though I'm not on the edge of my seat, I must admit that it will be exciting to find out what happens and the next step in the plot :) Reached comes out November 13.
So are you looking forward to it?
Have you read any of the other books in the series?
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Starring Me

Starring Me by Krista McGee.

Summery:Pop star Chad Beacon is costarring in a new show he has helped to create. A bit different from his successful singing career, but he feels drawn to doing the show... instead of touring for his newest album. But he needs a costar and one his parents approve of. They want his costar to be a girl that is a Christian and has good values and won't influence him the wrong way. Meanwhile, Kara McKormick is given an amazing chance! To audition for a new show with a lot of variety...and even opportunities to write part of the show! It's like a dream come true. She's curious about the secret costar of course, but mainly to happy to care much. Through the beginning of this adventure to the end, God is knocking at the door of her heart, asking for her to let him in. And she's slowly opening up more and more to him with the help of her best friend and strong Christian, Addy.

Romance: Liking someone, thinking/talking about someone, attraction, flirting, talk of dating, talk of waiting to date and/or waiting for your future husband or wife.


Violence:Yelling/arguing, injuries remembered, a heart attack, being catty/mean.

Other: Cheating, spying, lying/hiding someone, being rude, one sentence mentioning drugs, mention of  some of the girls wearing skimpy bathing suits.

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts: This was an inventive book, a funny one that I laughed out loud to, one whose characters I loved and one I thoroughly enjoyed! In some ways it reminded my of Jenny B. Jones books, the lighthearted, funny and exciting plot and great characters. However it stood on it's own at the same time. Overall, it's a great book and I really liked it :) In fact, after reading this I want to read the sort of first book, First Date to see how it began with Addy and Kara meeting each other. I would recommend this book however, to teen girls (13/14+)

My Stars:4.7
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Library Wars:Volume One

Library Wars:Volume 1 by Kiiro Yumi.

Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 1Summery: Iku Kasahara was in high school and getting a book at a local bookstore when the Media Betterment Committee raided that shop. The book she was about to get was going to be taken away because the MBC thought it had unsuitable content. Then someone stepped in, from the Library Defense Force (those who defend books and the right people have to read them, otherwise known as the good guys)  a man gave her back her book and halted the raid. He was her hero. So now Iku has joined the Library Defense Forces in hopes of being a hero like him. However she has a mean upper officer who drives her hard. She very strongly dislikes (though Hasoko {?} Shibazuki, her friend and roommate, says he is cute and thinks he is nice) Instructor Atsushi will she get through her training if he is so mean? 

Romance:Flirting, liking, touching (brief).

Language: D-m-, a--, p--s (<?).

Violence:Shooting (range), yelling/arguments ( a bit), injuries, hitting or smacking someone.

Other: Lying.

Time Period: Future.

My Thoughts: This is my first manga book and I really enjoyed it. And it has sparked my interest and though the plot isn't super complex or anything yet (it gets more so). I'll be getting book two, I hope, soon :)
*note*This was in written in May, and yes I'm terrible behind on my reviews, but I have since read to Vol.7 and am waiting for the release of Vol.8
 I would recommend this to teens, probably mostly girls, but I'm sure a good bit of guys will enjoy it as well. YA+ because of the language...however otherwise it was pretty clean. It has several funny moments in each books and the drawing is great! I really enjoyed it.

My Stars: 3.6
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Last Of The Nephilim

The Last Of The Nephilim by Bryan Davis.
Book three in the Oracles Of Fire series.
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The Last of the Nephilim (Oracles of Fire, Book 3)Summery: The battle for Second Eden is beginning! With Morgan gone, Mardon and his mother plot evil schemes with the dragon...otherwise known as the devil. Billy, Walter and their friends are in Second Eden on an adventure. One of the Oracles of Fire has a special task for Pavloi to carry bring a dragon back. In Second Eden Aarmors (in human form, as dragons go from human to dragon quite a bit in these books) is the prophet who leads his innocent people, who are foretold to loose their innocence after a great lie is told. The battle for good and evil continues! As does the adventure!

Romance: Cheek kisses, one or two real kisses between married couples, hugging, holding hands, thinking about someone, liking/loving someone.

Language: None.

Violence: Battles, injuries, yelling/arguments, almost suicide, fires in battle and at other times (one for a portal, it hurt a couple of the characters a little), mentioning contraction pains.

Other: Giants, dragons other dimensions, magic/sorcery, transformations.

Time Period: Modern.

My Thoughts:The last one was, though wonderful, not an all night-er. This one kept you turning pages (which soon turns into chapters *wink*). Shall we just say I was up until about 1:30? That is about proof enough, I think. I wanted to find out what was going to happen and I just couldn't stop! I would recommend this very highly (along with the rest of Bryan Davis's books) to teens, guys and girls 13+ (and for some kids, it could be around 11)

My Stars: 5
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Sparrow And The Bluebird

The Sparrow And The Bluebird by Janette Oke.
A book in the Women of the West series.
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The Bluebird and the SparrowSummery:Ever since they were children Berta, the older and plainer sister,  has felt like her younger sister Glenna outshines her. Berta also felt that once her sister was born she had to compete for their mother's attention. As they grew up Glenna became more beautiful and Berta more biter and resentful toward her. Glenna was soon married and Berta grumpily on her way to becoming a spinster. Although Glenna tried to reach out, the only thing that really made Berta happy was her nephew who loved her no matter how many times she was grumpy to him. He soon has her loving him totally. But God isn't done working on her heart yet, He has many plans for her. Showing her things she forgot or ignored about Him and her family.

Romance:Liking/loving someone, one kiss, hugging, thinking/talking about someone.


Violence:Being bitter, a fire, a natural death, a death by injury, yelling/arguments, mean words.

Other:A little talk of pregnancy (brief).

Time Period:1800s/1900s.

My Thoughts:It was hard having the main character bitter. It made it a bit depressing. But the ending was lovely, when she was healed from her anger. It was clean and though, it was not a favorite, I still enjoyed it. And I liked the cover *wink* I would recommend to teen girls and women.

My Stars:3
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Friday, June 15, 2012


Icefall by Matthew J. Kirby.

IcefallSummery:Princess Solveig is the middle sibling, her older sister is very beautiful, and her brother is her father's heir, he  is already well liked and brave. She feels as if she has nothing of her own... and that in comparison to her sister she is a bit plain. She and her siblings were sent to an icy, safe, secluded hiding place. To be kept safe from a war. For a royal wanting her sister's hand in marriage was not happy with the reply he was given. Solveig has maybe found something of her own, but just as things seem to look up a terrible thing happens. Now with a poisoning within the camp...who knows if they will survive the winter with this hidden threat. Solveig and her siblings want survive to see their father's hopeful victory and ships coming to bring them back home.

Romance: Solveig's sister, Asa, loves a warrior, Per, and he loves her. There is a little talk, suggestion he maybe treating her wrongly (which he denies). She is admired by a bunch of men, too.

Language: None.

Violence: Poisoning, several battles, slapping, hitting someone, yelling/arguing, some death.

Other:Some drinking of wine, Norse gods.

Time Period:Not sure, some Nordic/viking time period. Medieval probably, too.

My Thoughts:Interesting tale, yet, to be honest it is a little slow and not the most exciting book I've read. It would also probably be more enjoyed by younger readers. It is still a good story, just maybe not one for older readers who like a large helping of excitement. I would recommend to girls and guys tween aged. (11-13).

My Stars:3
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Pearl Wars

The Pearl Wars by Nick James.
The first book in the Skyship Academy series.

Skyship Academy: The Pearl WarsSummery: On a future earth there is  a shaky peace existing between the Skyshippers and the surface dwellers. What both sides want and need are pearls. Pearls fall from the sky and have an energy that both sides use as power But when two boys from either sides meet accidentally, something triggers in them. Cassius is a bit of a bad boy, but now he can blow up with fire and remain unharmed. Jesse is a bit of a slacker...and a wimp. But he has just fallen twelve stories (after encountering Cassius and being pushed from the roof) and didn't get a scratch! A change is coming. An adventure with old secrets to be revealed.

Romance: A crush, a brief kiss, thinking/talking about someone, thinking about kissing someone.
Inappropriate Romance: Implication to hanging out alone in a guys room. (guy joked about it)

Language:H--l, P-s-, b----rd.

Violence: A few fights, yelling/arguing, injuries, some killing/death, hitting someone.

Other:(Spoiler) Aliens

Time Period:Future.

My Thoughts:Though exciting, it wasn't on the edge of your seat so. Pretty clean and I'm watching for the next one. It's sure to unlock more secrets! This one did a have some good secrets that were unwound. I've simply read better and ones that were more exciting. However it is okay, and if you don't like constant excitement, but still like a bit, this would be good for you. I would recommend to mostly guys, but a few girls around the ages of 13+  *note* This was a teen book, but it was pretty clean.

My Stars:3
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Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Scorch Trials

The Scorch Trials by James Dashner.
The second book in the Maze Runner Trilogy.
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The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner Trilogy)Summery:When they got out of the maze Thomas and the other Gladers were soon rescued from Wicked (World In Catastrophe, Killzone Experiment Department) who had put them in the maze and studied them. The Gladers thought it was all over. The pain of losing friends and danger around each corner. That they were safe. But the next morning the only girl to arrive, Teresa, has disappeared. And a boy has replaced her claiming to have been in a maze, only with all girls. They also find their rescuers killed without a noise. They learn and hear from outside the walls, of people sick with the Flare, called cranks. Cranks are slowly going crazy, in the end they turn into hardly anything more than animals. Unfortunately they discover that Wicked is far from through with them. They must go through the Scorch Trials, they are told, if they want to be free from Wicked and the Variable for a cure to the Flare.

Romance:Liking someone, feeling like you are cheating, a couple kisses.

Language:P--s,  Cr-p more than once, some made up ones (slim it, skank, shuck, klunk) and d-m-.

Violence:Cranks dying and attacking, murder, injuries, dangerous lightning killing, a death ball killing, strange humanoids with lightbulb like things killing, yelling/arguing, hitting someone or wanting to.

Other:Lying and tricking, government being controlling and secretive. Maybe not for the best. Drinking?

Time Period:Future.

My Thoughts: Wow. James Dashner has done an ah-mazing job. Thrilling so that you are on the edge of your seat with the excitement. Perhaps a little gory, but not really much more than Hunger Games. The plot was great, it really competed for the top spot with the first book, but I think that the first book is just  a bit more cheerful. Which is hard to imagine...trapped in a maze monsters outside, but this one was on the outside...with sick people running around and not so clean conditions living conditions during the Scorch Trials.:P However it was a great adventure and dystopia. I would recommend to guy and girl readers, YA+

My Stars:4.5
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Crimson Thread

The Crimson Thread by Suzanne Weyn.
A Once Upon A Time book.
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The Crimson Thread: A Retelling of "Rumpelstiltskin" (Once Upon a Time (Simon Pulse))Summery:Bridget O'Malley and her father, brothers and sister have arrives in the United States at last. Son all of the O'Malley's but the youngest two have jobs, even if they aren't very good ones. But soon they need to change their names, for their father has gotten a job for a rich textile owner, J. P. Wellington. As his stableman and coach driver. So now Bertie Miller is working as a seamstress there. Even making friend's with her employers son, James. She still isn't making enough to get her sister, Eileen to a hospital or a doctor however. Thankfully a strange man named Ray Stalls helps her to get Eileen diagnosed and pays for the visit...but with what cost she wonders?

Romance:Loving/liking someone, hugging, holding hands, thinking/talking about someone, a kiss.
Inappropriate Romance:Even though engaged James flirts and is found with other women, mention that something might ruin a girl's reputation.


Violence:Bertie/Bridget faints, Eileen gets diphtheria briefly, yelling/arguing.

Other:Being cheated and falsely accused, faeries, drinking.

Time Period:1880s

My thoughts: I read through it pretty quickly! It was a nice new twist on Rumpelstiltskin. I rather liked this new version, as it wasn't as...scary I guess. Rumpelstiltskin was always a little creepy, you know? In another of this series the classic tale got a twist a lot like this one, it was called The Winter Child. I loved where/when she set The Crimson Thread, too. It had very lovely descriptions and the plot was good and kept you guessing for such a short book (240 pages). I would recommend to older tween girls, so around 12 or 13.

My Stars:4
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Little Women And Me

Little Women And Me by Lauren Baratz-Logstead.

Little Women and MeSummery:Emily starts to work on a homework paper, one on your favorite book...and what you would change about it, still reeling from guy troubles at school. She is trying to decide which part she would change in Little Women. Amy ending up with Laurie or Beth's death? But just then with a "Woosh!" she gets sucked into the book. Literally. She ends up in the book. Which is the 1860s, not exactly her time or area of expertise. Seeming a bit dumb at times when she must ask questions and when the books skips a year isn't as much of a dream as you might think. Now she is on the edge, trying to live the life of Emily March, The Middle March with no way out of the classic story...

Romance:Trying to get someone like you, liking/crushing, 2 kisses, thinking/talking about someone.

Language: None.

Violence:Mention of war, yelling/arguing, getting hit at school, falling through the ice into the lake, small injuries.

Other:Time travel, mention of drinking (Laurie and Meg), mention of Meg suddenly being pregnant and Emily being confused because the book had skipped ahead.

Time Period:1861-1864 (?)

My Thoughts:A great new spin on an older book. The changes worked well and the sort of time travel worked great as well and was (yes!) not confusing. You always remember the books you first read, the classics like this and what you would have changed. Everyone has an issue with Beth's death and who Jo married. This book digs deeper into the want to change the book. It has a good plot, as readers have been enjoying it for quite a while, just tweaked a bit. I would recommend to girls and women who have already read Little Women and ages tweens plus.

My Stars:3.9
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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25

Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans.

Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25Summery:Since he was very young Michael Vey has had an extraordinary power. When touching someone or metal he cane generate a strong shock (or as she calls it he surges and zaps), knocking them unconscious sometimes. His powers, as the powers are electrical, he can shock someone if they are joined by metal, as electricity travels though metal. He's learned to control it, to a degree. But one day when he is pushed to far by a group of bullies he shocks them. Accidentally and also in front of Taylor, a popular cheerleader who he has had a crush on ever since he and his mom moved. Noe one but his mom and best friend Ostin know about his power. And now Taylor. She guesses what he can do and reveals a big secret...she has electrical powers too.

Romance:One kiss, 1-2 cheek pecks, liking someone,crushing, admiring, flirting.

Language: Suck, otherwise none.

Violence:Yelling.arguments, fight scenes (several), death, calling names, torture, manipulation by lies and blackmail/guilt (making Michael think he may have killed someone), bullying, shocking someone (many times).

Other:Lack of humanity, elitism, sadistic like character, Ostin stares at some girls (he was described as a bit girl crazy), he was also pantsed by some bullies.

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts: It was exciting right from the start and it kept getting more and more exciting as the plot developed! It was as good a book in plot, character and excitement wise as The Hunger Games but didn't relate to the plot in THG at all. I would recommend this book to guys mostly...however I think that there are a good deal of girls (like me) who would like it too. YA+(YA=14/15)

My Stars:5
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Friday, June 1, 2012

Winning Balance

Winning Balance by Shawn Johnson.

Book Was About:Shawn Johnson is the Olympic medal winning gymnast, the Dancing With The Stars season eight winner and an amazing athlete. Everyone is a bit in awe of who and what she is, so driven and strong in her gymnastics and what she has accomplished...but who is she really? She's the gymnast who was under a lot of pressure at the Beijing Games, a daughter who loves her family and someone who is learning new things daily about God. A good deal like the rest of us.(other than the gold medals) She has had good times and tough times. But this is a story of how she got through her injury, her doubts, and what she is dreaming for the future.

Romance:A kiss, going on a date/dates, thinking/talking about some, liking someone.


Violence:Her stalker was caught just outside where they were filming (Dancing With The Stars), yelling/arguing, injuries.

Other: Brief mention of her going through puberty, being out late (one time with a guy), some skimpy dresses for Dancing With The Stars.

My Thoughts: Not quite a biography, but a tale of what she has been through. It was an interesting, heartfelt story. You can totally feel what she felt because she wrote it so emotionally. The stress of the Olympics, the stalker she had, her injury that scared her, her poetry that I'm so very envious of (I hadn't know she wrote poetry and trust me, it's good!) and her hopes for the future. It was a very heartwarming story.  I really enjoyed it and I usually don't read non-fiction. So it was a bit different from what I usually read. I would recommend it to teen/tween girls mostly. Visit the book's site at Winning Balance « Shawn Johnson

My Stars:4
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