Friday, June 15, 2012


Icefall by Matthew J. Kirby.

IcefallSummery:Princess Solveig is the middle sibling, her older sister is very beautiful, and her brother is her father's heir, he  is already well liked and brave. She feels as if she has nothing of her own... and that in comparison to her sister she is a bit plain. She and her siblings were sent to an icy, safe, secluded hiding place. To be kept safe from a war. For a royal wanting her sister's hand in marriage was not happy with the reply he was given. Solveig has maybe found something of her own, but just as things seem to look up a terrible thing happens. Now with a poisoning within the camp...who knows if they will survive the winter with this hidden threat. Solveig and her siblings want survive to see their father's hopeful victory and ships coming to bring them back home.

Romance: Solveig's sister, Asa, loves a warrior, Per, and he loves her. There is a little talk, suggestion he maybe treating her wrongly (which he denies). She is admired by a bunch of men, too.

Language: None.

Violence: Poisoning, several battles, slapping, hitting someone, yelling/arguing, some death.

Other:Some drinking of wine, Norse gods.

Time Period:Not sure, some Nordic/viking time period. Medieval probably, too.

My Thoughts:Interesting tale, yet, to be honest it is a little slow and not the most exciting book I've read. It would also probably be more enjoyed by younger readers. It is still a good story, just maybe not one for older readers who like a large helping of excitement. I would recommend to girls and guys tween aged. (11-13).

My Stars:3
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