Thursday, June 21, 2012

Library Wars:Volume One

Library Wars:Volume 1 by Kiiro Yumi.

Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 1Summery: Iku Kasahara was in high school and getting a book at a local bookstore when the Media Betterment Committee raided that shop. The book she was about to get was going to be taken away because the MBC thought it had unsuitable content. Then someone stepped in, from the Library Defense Force (those who defend books and the right people have to read them, otherwise known as the good guys)  a man gave her back her book and halted the raid. He was her hero. So now Iku has joined the Library Defense Forces in hopes of being a hero like him. However she has a mean upper officer who drives her hard. She very strongly dislikes (though Hasoko {?} Shibazuki, her friend and roommate, says he is cute and thinks he is nice) Instructor Atsushi will she get through her training if he is so mean? 

Romance:Flirting, liking, touching (brief).

Language: D-m-, a--, p--s (<?).

Violence:Shooting (range), yelling/arguments ( a bit), injuries, hitting or smacking someone.

Other: Lying.

Time Period: Future.

My Thoughts: This is my first manga book and I really enjoyed it. And it has sparked my interest and though the plot isn't super complex or anything yet (it gets more so). I'll be getting book two, I hope, soon :)
*note*This was in written in May, and yes I'm terrible behind on my reviews, but I have since read to Vol.7 and am waiting for the release of Vol.8
 I would recommend this to teens, probably mostly girls, but I'm sure a good bit of guys will enjoy it as well. YA+ because of the language...however otherwise it was pretty clean. It has several funny moments in each books and the drawing is great! I really enjoyed it.

My Stars: 3.6
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