Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Little Women And Me

Little Women And Me by Lauren Baratz-Logstead.

Little Women and MeSummery:Emily starts to work on a homework paper, one on your favorite book...and what you would change about it, still reeling from guy troubles at school. She is trying to decide which part she would change in Little Women. Amy ending up with Laurie or Beth's death? But just then with a "Woosh!" she gets sucked into the book. Literally. She ends up in the book. Which is the 1860s, not exactly her time or area of expertise. Seeming a bit dumb at times when she must ask questions and when the books skips a year isn't as much of a dream as you might think. Now she is on the edge, trying to live the life of Emily March, The Middle March with no way out of the classic story...

Romance:Trying to get someone like you, liking/crushing, 2 kisses, thinking/talking about someone.

Language: None.

Violence:Mention of war, yelling/arguing, getting hit at school, falling through the ice into the lake, small injuries.

Other:Time travel, mention of drinking (Laurie and Meg), mention of Meg suddenly being pregnant and Emily being confused because the book had skipped ahead.

Time Period:1861-1864 (?)

My Thoughts:A great new spin on an older book. The changes worked well and the sort of time travel worked great as well and was (yes!) not confusing. You always remember the books you first read, the classics like this and what you would have changed. Everyone has an issue with Beth's death and who Jo married. This book digs deeper into the want to change the book. It has a good plot, as readers have been enjoying it for quite a while, just tweaked a bit. I would recommend to girls and women who have already read Little Women and ages tweens plus.

My Stars:3.9
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  1. Wow, this looks like one of the most interesting books yet!


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