Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Pearl Wars

The Pearl Wars by Nick James.
The first book in the Skyship Academy series.

Skyship Academy: The Pearl WarsSummery: On a future earth there is  a shaky peace existing between the Skyshippers and the surface dwellers. What both sides want and need are pearls. Pearls fall from the sky and have an energy that both sides use as power But when two boys from either sides meet accidentally, something triggers in them. Cassius is a bit of a bad boy, but now he can blow up with fire and remain unharmed. Jesse is a bit of a slacker...and a wimp. But he has just fallen twelve stories (after encountering Cassius and being pushed from the roof) and didn't get a scratch! A change is coming. An adventure with old secrets to be revealed.

Romance: A crush, a brief kiss, thinking/talking about someone, thinking about kissing someone.
Inappropriate Romance: Implication to hanging out alone in a guys room. (guy joked about it)

Language:H--l, P-s-, b----rd.

Violence: A few fights, yelling/arguing, injuries, some killing/death, hitting someone.

Other:(Spoiler) Aliens

Time Period:Future.

My Thoughts:Though exciting, it wasn't on the edge of your seat so. Pretty clean and I'm watching for the next one. It's sure to unlock more secrets! This one did a have some good secrets that were unwound. I've simply read better and ones that were more exciting. However it is okay, and if you don't like constant excitement, but still like a bit, this would be good for you. I would recommend to mostly guys, but a few girls around the ages of 13+  *note* This was a teen book, but it was pretty clean.

My Stars:3
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