Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Sparrow And The Bluebird

The Sparrow And The Bluebird by Janette Oke.
A book in the Women of the West series.
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The Bluebird and the SparrowSummery:Ever since they were children Berta, the older and plainer sister,  has felt like her younger sister Glenna outshines her. Berta also felt that once her sister was born she had to compete for their mother's attention. As they grew up Glenna became more beautiful and Berta more biter and resentful toward her. Glenna was soon married and Berta grumpily on her way to becoming a spinster. Although Glenna tried to reach out, the only thing that really made Berta happy was her nephew who loved her no matter how many times she was grumpy to him. He soon has her loving him totally. But God isn't done working on her heart yet, He has many plans for her. Showing her things she forgot or ignored about Him and her family.

Romance:Liking/loving someone, one kiss, hugging, thinking/talking about someone.


Violence:Being bitter, a fire, a natural death, a death by injury, yelling/arguments, mean words.

Other:A little talk of pregnancy (brief).

Time Period:1800s/1900s.

My Thoughts:It was hard having the main character bitter. It made it a bit depressing. But the ending was lovely, when she was healed from her anger. It was clean and though, it was not a favorite, I still enjoyed it. And I liked the cover *wink* I would recommend to teen girls and women.

My Stars:3
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  1. This is the only book by the author that I’ve ever read. Two girls actually gave me the book to borrow the same week. It was an enjoyable read.

  2. I remember (vaguely) reading this one. It was so sweet but it has been years now.

  3. I read this, it was pretty good...I must say, Janette Oke has written better, though.


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