Saturday, June 23, 2012

Starring Me

Starring Me by Krista McGee.

Summery:Pop star Chad Beacon is costarring in a new show he has helped to create. A bit different from his successful singing career, but he feels drawn to doing the show... instead of touring for his newest album. But he needs a costar and one his parents approve of. They want his costar to be a girl that is a Christian and has good values and won't influence him the wrong way. Meanwhile, Kara McKormick is given an amazing chance! To audition for a new show with a lot of variety...and even opportunities to write part of the show! It's like a dream come true. She's curious about the secret costar of course, but mainly to happy to care much. Through the beginning of this adventure to the end, God is knocking at the door of her heart, asking for her to let him in. And she's slowly opening up more and more to him with the help of her best friend and strong Christian, Addy.

Romance: Liking someone, thinking/talking about someone, attraction, flirting, talk of dating, talk of waiting to date and/or waiting for your future husband or wife.


Violence:Yelling/arguing, injuries remembered, a heart attack, being catty/mean.

Other: Cheating, spying, lying/hiding someone, being rude, one sentence mentioning drugs, mention of  some of the girls wearing skimpy bathing suits.

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts: This was an inventive book, a funny one that I laughed out loud to, one whose characters I loved and one I thoroughly enjoyed! In some ways it reminded my of Jenny B. Jones books, the lighthearted, funny and exciting plot and great characters. However it stood on it's own at the same time. Overall, it's a great book and I really liked it :) In fact, after reading this I want to read the sort of first book, First Date to see how it began with Addy and Kara meeting each other. I would recommend this book however, to teen girls (13/14+)

My Stars:4.7
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  1. Hi Sierra! I don't know if you have read the Harry Potter books or if you have reviewed them already, but I am reading them, and I would love to hear your opinion on them. :)


    1. Hi Hannah, I haven't yet as my mother didn't want me to. However I believe she is thinking about letting me read them, after she reads the first herself. So hopefully next year there will be some Harry Potter reviews :) Thanks for your request!Sierra
      Keep Growing Beautiful!

  2. Hm... I think I've seen this somewhere before. :-)

    1. It was a good read, quite funny :) Sierra
      Keep Growing Beautiful!


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