Friday, June 1, 2012

Winning Balance

Winning Balance by Shawn Johnson.

Book Was About:Shawn Johnson is the Olympic medal winning gymnast, the Dancing With The Stars season eight winner and an amazing athlete. Everyone is a bit in awe of who and what she is, so driven and strong in her gymnastics and what she has accomplished...but who is she really? She's the gymnast who was under a lot of pressure at the Beijing Games, a daughter who loves her family and someone who is learning new things daily about God. A good deal like the rest of us.(other than the gold medals) She has had good times and tough times. But this is a story of how she got through her injury, her doubts, and what she is dreaming for the future.

Romance:A kiss, going on a date/dates, thinking/talking about some, liking someone.


Violence:Her stalker was caught just outside where they were filming (Dancing With The Stars), yelling/arguing, injuries.

Other: Brief mention of her going through puberty, being out late (one time with a guy), some skimpy dresses for Dancing With The Stars.

My Thoughts: Not quite a biography, but a tale of what she has been through. It was an interesting, heartfelt story. You can totally feel what she felt because she wrote it so emotionally. The stress of the Olympics, the stalker she had, her injury that scared her, her poetry that I'm so very envious of (I hadn't know she wrote poetry and trust me, it's good!) and her hopes for the future. It was a very heartwarming story.  I really enjoyed it and I usually don't read non-fiction. So it was a bit different from what I usually read. I would recommend it to teen/tween girls mostly. Visit the book's site at Winning Balance « Shawn Johnson

My Stars:4
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  1. Reading this one, too, Sierra - it is really cute so far.


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