Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Girl In The Steel Corset

The Girl In The Steel Corset by Kady Cross.
The Steampunk Chronicles book one.

The Girl in the Steel Corset (Harlequin Teen)Summery: Finley Jayne is a split personality. Her darker side, incredibly strong and quick to anger and "helped" her lose her job. After she almost killed the employer's son. Long story. Then she is nearly run over by a rich boy. He takes her to his home and she learns that he is Griffin King a  rich duke...and he's after the Machinist, the mastermind behind several robberies committed by automatons. Griffin knows it Finley can combine her personalities she will be able to help him and his group take down the Machinist. And be a valuable asset. But her past holds several secrets, intertwined with his own past. And there is more than a little spark between them.

Romance: Two-three kisses, liking someone, admiring someone, thinking/talking about someone, flirting, jealousy.

Language: 3.5

Violence:Shooting, injuries (severe and non-severe), death, murder (past), chasing a villain, destroying automatons/robots, battles/fights, sparring too, yelling/arguments, threats.

Other: Using aether to talk to his parents and other dead  (seances type, mentioned others using it for such),  drinking (brief one or two scenes), bringing automatons to life.

Time Period:1897

My Thoughts: I am really excited how more and more steampunk books are popping up! And this one was a really great one. One of my favorites! This series and The Iron Codex series are my favorites from steampunk so far. This one did have a bit of language (and violence,  for some, but it didn't really bother me) but was otherwise pretty clean. I loved the setting and the characters and the plot was just great!It certainly kept me up late reading! I would recommend this book to teens plus, I think some guys would enjoy it...but it's mostly a girl book.

My Stars:5
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blue Moon Promise

Blue Moon Promise by Colleen Coble.
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Blue Moon Promise (Under Texas Stars)Summery:Lucy Marsh is in a fix. Since her father died in a buggy "accident" three months ago she has taken care of her step siblings. Their mother left almost immediately after their father's death. But now they are being evicted, Lucy has lost her job and she is running out of options. Then Henry Stanton shows up, a friend of her father's, with a marriage proposal for his son by proxy for her. She is a little shocked, but still considering it. Mr. Stanton says Nate is a Christian man...and what else could bring Eileen, Jed and herself safety? When there is a break in at their home with a man asking for something she has no knowledge of she quickly decides. She's nervous going out to meet Nate. But what she is greeted with isn't at all what she expected,  a stony man who doesn't want anything to do with her. And just happens to think she can't handle the rural life. Well, she'll show him!

Romance:A couple kisses, holding/touching, liking/loving someone, thinking/talking about someone, flirting, attraction, talk/implication of marriage bed and the husband's rights (they don't become husband and wife until the end really and it's not "shown" or talked about really).


Violence:Shooting, branding, a rattlesnake bite, dogs fighting, threats, a break in, attack, couple of punches thrown, attempted arson, yelling/arguments.

Other:Mention of a character being in a bar, possibly being drunk, stealing, hiding something/lying.

Time Period:1900s area

My Thoughts:Lucy is a bit like all of us, she wants to be in control, hates spiders and loves her family. Plus she's stubborn and a good shot. And a lot of the other characters I really liked as well. This is a great, enjoyable western. And a good romance :) I would recommend (along with any of the author's other books) this book to girls YA+

My Stars:4
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Faithful To Laura

Faithful To Laura by Kathleen Fuller.
A Middlefield Family novel.
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Summery:Mark King took her life and ruined it. He tricked her, making her believe he loved her and then stole her parent's savings. When she followed him to Middlefield he nearly killed her and the experience left her with scars on her face and her heart. She wants revenge and her money back. Meanwhile, Sawyer Thompson has been trying to get through Laura's shell and help her with what happened to her. But so far she hasn't let him. And at the same time he is attracted to her, however when a woman claiming to be his Grandmother, one he didn't know he had, shows up at their door...Well he has more than a little bit of his own trouble going on. She wants to bring him, against his will,  back to live with her in New York. Both are struggling with things, including their relationships with God. Will they find His peace?

Romance:Liking/loving someone, thinking/talking about someone, touching/holding, a couple of kisses, talking of marriage.


Violence:Having scars from attempted murder (through being trapped in a burning shed), injuries, yelling/arguments, wanting to hit someone.

Other:Lying, stealing, sort of bribing, sort of an affair/cheating, cancer.

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts:Characters become familiar after reading a book or two in Kathleen Fuller's series. Almost like family as you get to know them. It's a calming book, but still with a good plot that isn't reused at all! (I think some Amish book have reused and not very original plots) And of course when the Pennsylvanian Dutch gets thrown in I always feel so smart because I can (usually) guess or remember what the word means. :) So overall I really liked this book and author. I would recommend this book to YA+ girls. It's a great book and a great series!

My Stars:4
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scarlet Moon

Scarlet Moon by Debbie Viguié.
A Once Upon A Time book.
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Scarlet Moon (Once Upon a Time)

Summery:After and attack by a large wolf in the woods several years ago, Ruth trusts her brother to protect and save her. however that changes when he and their cousin leave for a war (the Crusades) she must not only take his place by her father's side, (as he needs more help with his blacksmith work that she usually gives) but also learn to defend herself. Now with a strange spark between her and the Lord's son, William, and her cousin's return home, alone, for her brother is dead, she must face an all new danger along with an adventure and a mystery. Especially when the wolf that attacked her years before starts roaming again.

Romance:Some kisses, touching/holding, liking/loving someone, thinking/talking about someone, flirting.
Inappropriate Romance:Suspicion of someone going over the line? (not sure from my notes) At one point the characters make out and almost go over the line (she says no more and they didn't do anything other than hugging and kissing).


Violence:Several people are killed, injuries from a wolf attack, yelling/arguments, war.

Other:Werewolves, curses, a bit of magic, at one point the werewolf is changing and when he changes back he isn't wearing anything. Ruth's grandmother is with him and sees him (he's embarrasses, hides a bit and asks for his clothes which she took).

Time Period:Medieval.

My Thoughts:Although there was a bit of passion that I didn't agree much with in that one scene, a bit of murder/death and the werewolf-ness, I really enjoyed this book quite a bit. Exciting along with a good plot and it was a great retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. I also liked the setting in general and...well I liked it :P I would recommend to girls YA+ (14 pretty much, perhaps some 13 year olds).

My Stars:4.3
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Monday, July 23, 2012

It Had To Be You

It Had To Be You by Janice Thompson.
The third book in the Weddings By Bella series.
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It Had to Be You (Weddings by Bella, Book 3)
Summery: Bella Rossi is planning more and more weddings this month and it's getting hectic! (as usual) Only this time she has her own wedding to get done too! Yes that's right, shes getting married to D.J. Neely, whose cowboy look and southern twang have swept her off her feet. Who knew an Italian girl and country boy would work out so well together?  But as she tries to get everything together for her aunt's wedding, all the guests, some from Italy and a former mob boss too, all settled, all the stress and more weddings popping up around each bend start to get her a little tired. She starts to wonder if she will ever be able to focus on her own wedding!

Romance:Some kisses (slightly described), touching, thinking/talking about someone, liking/loving someone, flirting, mentioning of the weddings nights (blushing when mentioned, but innocent, really).


Violence:Yelling/arguments, getting stressed and a bit angry thus, injuries/illness, complications to a pregnancy resulting in having to go to the hospital.

Other:Past mob connections (a character).

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this series and I think this book was a good way to end it. This book (and the rest of the series) is funny, exciting and, in this one,  with romantic side stories apart from main characters. Which reminds me, the characters are the most lovable characters! Bella's family reminds me of my own, another reason I just loved this series. I would recommend to girls/women YA+ (14 or so).

My Stars:4
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blue Skies Tomorrow

Blue Skies Tomorrow by Sarah Sundin.
The third book in the Wings Of Glory series.
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Blue Skies Tomorrow: A Novel (Wings of Glory)
Summery: Lieutenant. Raymond Novak hasn't had the best history in love. Hurt from being relocated from the job he loved in the army and to often called weak, he is back in his hometown area. Helen Carlisle has had her own bad experience as her dead husband, Jim, was abusive and she only now healing from her old wounds. Feeling his presence overhanging still and with the guilty feeling that she killed him. Ray seems so perfect to her, how can she be good enough? Their love is difficult, because Helen is not free from the pain Jim put upon her. When Ray gets angry at discovery of this abuse, Helen calls Ray a coward. Because of their fight, he joins the boys who see real action, overseas, to prove himself. Will love ever work for them?

Romance:Kisses/making out, touching/holding, liking/loving someone, thinking/talking about someone, flirting, dating.


Violence:Abuse (causing miscarries, sever injuries), calling people names, death, war, hitting someone or wanting to, yelling/arguments, injuries, shooting, bombing.

Other:Soldiers drinking, lying, illness (polio).

Time Period:1944-1945

My Thoughts:I think that the first book was probably my favorite from this series, however it is a close call. All of them were very interesting and enthralling. I liked them all! Sarah Sundin is a really good author :) This and the second have been more serious issue, rape for the second and abuse for this one. So the second two are not for younger readers/teens/tweens. Otherwise they are quite clean and have great plots and characters :) I would recommend to girls YA+

My Stars:3.9
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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hourglass by Myra McEntire.
HourglassSummery: Emerson Cole has a special talent...or more realistically, a curse. Shortly before her parents were killed in an accident she discovered she could see ghost like people obviously from the past. She is looked at as crazy for talking to "nothing" on several occasions. She has started seeing them again after secretly coming off of her medicine which had been sucking all of her emotions. Her brother has someone to help her...again. All the people he brings in end up being frauds or insane. However Michael is different then the other people her brother has hired. For one thing he is incredible cute and he really seems to understand her. He even says he is like her, seeing what he calls rips...and that he (and Em) can time traveler. Because of this, Em starts to doubt if he is actually sane either. But he brings a grand adventure to her, for sure. 

Romance:A couple kisses (one make out scene kinda, not really described), attraction/admiring, liking/loving someone, thinking/talking about someone, hugging/touching, flirting.
Inappropriate Romance:Em spends the night in Michael's room (he isn't in it) over at his apartment/dorm and several people assume they did something inappropriate and have to be corrected. At another point she has had gotten dirty and showered, with only a pair of clothes. So she is wearing one of his sports shirts and underwear only, while her clothes are washed and several guys see her.

Language:4 (see my new Language rating system on my sidebar)

Violence: Murder, death, yelling/arguments, slapping/hitting someone (or wanting to), shooting, threats, injuries, accidents.

Other:Betrayal, manipulation, brief mention of wine (characters didn't drink), time travel, eavesdropping, spying, snooping.

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts:Although there was a good bit of language and a few thoughts and/or moments that I disagreed with, but otherwise I really liked it. Michael and Emerson went together really well, the plot was enticing and had me reading late at night. Also, as this was a time travel story, I was afraid it might be confusing! Although there were some technical terms that were, I otherwise didn't have any trouble understanding it. And I can't wait to get the sequel! I would recommend this book to girls, YA+

My Stars:4
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Bewitching by Alex Flinn.
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Summery:So... wanna know where Kendra came from? You have to be just a little interested in finding out about her history? I mean somehow Kyle helped her get back to her family or so she told him. What are some of her other tales of spells she cast? Admit it, you want to know more about her story. You love her outfits and the way she talks. So this time she is helping? A girl named Emma is in a Cinderella like fix (evil stepsister) and she could use some magical help. Beastly was just one of her curses. And he certainly won't be her last :)

Romance:Liking someone, kissing, thinking/talking about someone, crushing, holding hands, flirting.
Inappropriate Romance: Warner & Lisette (evil stepsister) were making out and Lisette had only a tank top and underwear on.

Language:Ba---rd, H--l, P--s.

Violence:(I apparently didn't think to include this when I wrote the review, so bear with me as I won't remember everything)Yelling/arguments, mean words, death, injuries? Possibly more.

Other:Drinking, thinking of yourself as ugly, cancer/sickness, magic and witches.

Time Period: Modern, 1915, and a couple side stories from 1800s and 1700s.

My Thoughts:A great mix of Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, The Little Mermaid and Princess and the Pauper (?). While the main story was Cinderella there were those woven in from the past. Right up there with Beastly in my eyes, lovely snarkiness and Kendra-ness :P And the way the author retells the fairy tales is just great *wink* I would recommend this book to girls who love fairy tales, ages 13/14+

My Stars:3.9
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I've Got A Hold On...

Currently I have these books coming in (hopefully) soon at my library.
Timepiece: An Hourglass Novel
Timepiece by Myra McEntire. I just finished the first book in the Hourglass series, Hourglass, today. It was pretty good and hopefully I'll have a review coming soon.
Outside In (Harlequin Teen)
Outside In by Maria V. Snyder. This is also a second book, this is the sequel to Inside Out. I don't believe the review of Inside Out has come out yet either. I'm a bit behind on reviews. But it's not like I'm going to stop reading! :P
Perfectly Dateless: A Universally Misunderstood Novel
This the first book in the Universally Misunderstood series, Perfectly Dateless by Kristin Billerbeck. With the third book coming out soon and the fact that I had wanted to read this book for a while, I was really happy when I discovered that my library had a copy :)

So what do you have On Hold?