Friday, July 27, 2012

Faithful To Laura

Faithful To Laura by Kathleen Fuller.
A Middlefield Family novel.
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Summery:Mark King took her life and ruined it. He tricked her, making her believe he loved her and then stole her parent's savings. When she followed him to Middlefield he nearly killed her and the experience left her with scars on her face and her heart. She wants revenge and her money back. Meanwhile, Sawyer Thompson has been trying to get through Laura's shell and help her with what happened to her. But so far she hasn't let him. And at the same time he is attracted to her, however when a woman claiming to be his Grandmother, one he didn't know he had, shows up at their door...Well he has more than a little bit of his own trouble going on. She wants to bring him, against his will,  back to live with her in New York. Both are struggling with things, including their relationships with God. Will they find His peace?

Romance:Liking/loving someone, thinking/talking about someone, touching/holding, a couple of kisses, talking of marriage.


Violence:Having scars from attempted murder (through being trapped in a burning shed), injuries, yelling/arguments, wanting to hit someone.

Other:Lying, stealing, sort of bribing, sort of an affair/cheating, cancer.

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts:Characters become familiar after reading a book or two in Kathleen Fuller's series. Almost like family as you get to know them. It's a calming book, but still with a good plot that isn't reused at all! (I think some Amish book have reused and not very original plots) And of course when the Pennsylvanian Dutch gets thrown in I always feel so smart because I can (usually) guess or remember what the word means. :) So overall I really liked this book and author. I would recommend this book to YA+ girls. It's a great book and a great series!

My Stars:4
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