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Scarlet Moon

Scarlet Moon by Debbie Viguié.
A Once Upon A Time book.
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Scarlet Moon (Once Upon a Time)

Summery:After and attack by a large wolf in the woods several years ago, Ruth trusts her brother to protect and save her. however that changes when he and their cousin leave for a war (the Crusades) she must not only take his place by her father's side, (as he needs more help with his blacksmith work that she usually gives) but also learn to defend herself. Now with a strange spark between her and the Lord's son, William, and her cousin's return home, alone, for her brother is dead, she must face an all new danger along with an adventure and a mystery. Especially when the wolf that attacked her years before starts roaming again.

Romance:Some kisses, touching/holding, liking/loving someone, thinking/talking about someone, flirting.
Inappropriate Romance:Suspicion of someone going over the line? (not sure from my notes) At one point the characters make out and almost go over the line (she says no more and they didn't do anything other than hugging and kissing).


Violence:Several people are killed, injuries from a wolf attack, yelling/arguments, war.

Other:Werewolves, curses, a bit of magic, at one point the werewolf is changing and when he changes back he isn't wearing anything. Ruth's grandmother is with him and sees him (he's embarrasses, hides a bit and asks for his clothes which she took).

Time Period:Medieval.

My Thoughts:Although there was a bit of passion that I didn't agree much with in that one scene, a bit of murder/death and the werewolf-ness, I really enjoyed this book quite a bit. Exciting along with a good plot and it was a great retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. I also liked the setting in general and...well I liked it :P I would recommend to girls YA+ (14 pretty much, perhaps some 13 year olds).

My Stars:4.3
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