Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Looking Forward To:Caught

I'd guess that a good deal of people have heard or read at least one of Margaret Peterson Haddix's books. Frankly I think she is an amazing author. She writes several different genres and has had so many books published!
She is writing a series called The Missing which is basically a time travel and historical fiction series.   You can read my reviews here: Found, Sent Sabotaged, Torn.   And now the fifth book is coming out September the 4th. I'm really super excited to find out what the next chapter in the adventure is going to be about. There have been time problems, time's getting interesting! Here is the summery/blurb from Amazon on Caught.

Caught (Missing)Jonah and Katherine are accustomed to traveling through time, but when learn they next have to return Albert Einstein’s daughter to history, they think it’s a joke—they’ve only heard of his sons. But it turns out that Albert Einstein really did have a daughter, Lieserl, whose 1902 birth and subsequent disappearance was shrouded in mystery. Lieserl was presumed to have died of scarlet fever as an infant. But when Jonah and Katherine return to the early 1900s to fix history, one of Lieserl’s parents seems to understand entirely too much about time travel and what Jonah and Katherine are doing. It’s not Lieserl’s father, either—it’s her mother, Mileva. And Mileva has no intention of letting her daughter disappear.

So what do you think? Does it sound interesting enough to get? 
Keep reading!

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