Monday, August 6, 2012

The Jerk Magnet

The Jerk Magnet by Melody Carlson.
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Jerk Magnet, The (Life at Kingston High)Summery:Chelsea Martin is a plain looking girl with brown mousy hair, bad acne and cares more about her grades than looks or friends. Or she would if she had any. However when her dad drops the bombshell that he is getting remarried, to a woman Chelsea barely knows, and that they will be moving too. With his promotion at work they will be moving out to San Jose, California. Kate, Chelsea's soon to be step-mom tries to help Chelsea out some and also bond with her... by giving her a makeover! Chelsea does start to like Kate afterward. She has highlights, her acne is better, and she has a whole new wardrobe. And she looks pretty gorgeous. But on the trip to their new home Chelsea has started to notice something. And her new friend, Janelle Parker seems to catch on pretty quickly, Chelsea seems to be a jerk magnet!

Romance:Liking, holding hands, attraction, unwanted guy/jerk attention.



Other:Inappropriate clothing, lying, several sentences where Chelsea says her dad wouldn't mind Kate in a bikini when he gets onto her for wearing a slightly inappropriate one, talking about beauty and how it effects guys.

Time period:Modern

My Thoughts: This was perhaps one of the best written of the author's books (that I have read). For one thing it had a great message about inner beauty and beauty in general that I really liked. It was clean and I really liked Chelsea. You get several different points of view about "pretty people" and some of the ways people stereotype them. It was really interesting and like I said, one of my favorites from this author. I hope that she keeps up this streak of good books! It will be a delightful read for other teen girls as well. I would suggest it for girls 13+

My Stars:4
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