Friday, August 10, 2012

The Peculiars

The Peculiars by Maureen Doyle McQuerry.

The PeculiarsSummery: Lena Mattacascar is a girl with irregularly large hands and feet. Having grown up hiding and being ashamed of her peculiarity. Her Nana Crane calls them "Goblin phalanges" and she tells Lena that she got them from her father.  It was rumored Lena's father was a goblin. She'll never know for herself it feels, he left when she was five. Now on her eighteenth birthday she given a letter from her father that includes a small inheritance for her. With that in hand she sets of Scree, a wild untamed place rumored to be filled with "Peculiars" like she and her father are supposed to be. She wants to finally find out the truth about him and who or what she is. As she journeys for the truth she'll also gain an adventure and new friends.

Romance:Liking someone, flirting, thinking/talking about someone, an engagement.


Violence:Shooting, a good bit of injuries, yelling/arguments, kidnapped by bounty hunters, mistreatment of Peculiars, threats.

Other:Lying, Peculiars like goblins, people with wings and such.Slight drinking (they had wine and mead), evolution discussed a couple times, stealing,  a paragraph about prostitutes  (not being appreciated out in open but appreciated in secret etc.).

Time Period:1880s in another world  similar to ours.

My Thoughts:Although this wasn't like some of the steampunk books I have read it was unique. Lena journey was interesting and the way the author described it was great. It was a little slow to get going and around the middle or slightly before, but the last half was really fast paced and such an adventure! It was quite clean and I really enjoyed it. I didn't love like others, but I still enjoyed it a lot. I would recommend this book to teen aged girls 13+. Some guys might enjoy it.

My Stars:4
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