Monday, August 20, 2012

The Reason

The Reason by William Sirls.

Summery: In a small Michigan town a storm is causing the lights to flicker... and then they go out. Not long after lightning strikes the large cross outside of the St. Thomas church.The blind minister, James Lindy, knows they don't have enough money or resources to fix it on their own. And through it all he is told to "only believe". Meanwhile Brooke and her son Alex are facing a tough time without thinking about the broken cross. They have just learned that the little boy has been diagnosed with leukemia. James Lindy was given a message to tell her: "only believe" and he will be made well. Macey Lewis is challenged to trust in God's power not her own and also told to "only believe". Zach Norman is being weighed down from the past and is started to question all he thought was true with the strange goings on in the small town. it all seems to be centered around the stranger in town.

Romance: 1 kiss? Several cheek kisses, flirting, touching/holding.
Inappropriate Romance:Premarital s-x (past), sleeping with someone who was already married, several affairs mentioned briefly.

Language:1 (wh-re used three times and s-ck once)

Violence: Suicide, car/motorcycle accident killing, death, hitting someone, bullying, yelling/arguing, abusive boyfriend (past).

Other: A good bit of drinking (but expressed as bad), smoking, divorce, cancer/illness, lying.

Time Period:Modern.

My Thoughts: Wow. That is just one of my thoughts concerning this book. I wasn't sure at first if I would like it. It seemed exciting enough. But this is a story of healing and God's love. It takes you through the changing of several lives that are touched and healed by God's hand. The ending was at first super sad but then happy. I will warn you, I was crying at the end. However is was really well written I thought and kept me wanting to read more and more. I would recommend this book for older teens, as there is some drinking and bad relationships led in a life of one character. And it is an adult book. However it is a truly moving and wonderful book and would definitely recommend it. Both girls and guys/men and women would enjoy.

My Stars:4
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