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Band Of Sisters

A Band Of Sisters by Cathy Gohlke.
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Summary: Maureen O’Reilly and her younger sister flee Ireland in hope of claiming the life promised to their father over twenty years before. After surviving the rigors of Ellis Island, Maureen learns 
that their benefactor, Colonel Wakefield, has died. 
His family, refusing to own his Civil War debt, casts 
her out. Alone, impoverished, and in danger of 
deportation, Maureen connives to obtain 
employment in a prominent department store. But 
she soon discovers that the elegant facade hides a 
secret that threatens every vulnerable woman in the city. Despite her family’s disapproval, Olivia Wakefield determines to honor her father’s debt but can’t find Maureen. Unexpected help comes from a local businessman, whom Olivia begins to see as more than an ally, even as she fears the secrets he’s hiding. As women begin disappearing from the store, Olivia rallies influential ladies in her circle to help Maureen take a stand against injustice and fight for the lives of their growing band of sisters. But can either woman open her heart to divine leading or the love it might bring? 

Romance: A couple kisses, touching/holding hands, talk of marriage, thinking/talking about someone, flirting, liking/loving someone.
Inappropriate Romance:Mention and implication of: rape, prostitution, abuse and mistreatment of women. Also cheating husbands or wives.
Language:0 (There were two uses of d-mning referring to a letter and God. It was used as: the d-mning letter and the d-mning God which I assumed wasn't as a cuss word but more of a different term for condemning.)
Violence: Abuse, yelling/arguments, hitting/wanting to hit someone, threats, injuries, a fire, flooding, death, kidnapping.
Other: Mention of a character drinking/being drunk, illness, human slavery.
Time Period: 1910
My Thoughts: This is truly a book that I am happy and proud to add to my collection. It is so strong and wonderful in it's message of not only the mistreatment of women but about the amazing grace of God. That no matter how far you think you have fallen you can never be "bad" enough that God can't help you. I enjoyed reading this book so much and I think I learned a lot too. I don't know what I can do right now as a teen other than spread awareness about human trafficking and such, but I think that it is just a terrible terrible thing and it must be stopped. After reading this book I definitely wanted to go out and stop all the terrible things that are happening to the people caught up in human trafficking. I wanted to turn into Batman, Huntress or someone like that. To rescue those who are being mistreated. I think that it can be stopped (with a lot of work) if we all pitch in and help. It might take time but with books like this and spreading awareness I think people will just be moved to act. I really liked the characters in this book and it was well written. Just enough excitement, just enough romance, and a good cause that the characters fought for. I really enjoyed it. I would recommend this book for older teens, although there is nothing graphic the abuse and misuse can be a bit much and wouldn't be for younger readers.
My Stars:4
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  1. Thank you, Sierra, for your review of "Band of Sisters." Most especially, thank you for working to spread awareness of human trafficking through reading and hosting this review. God's blessings for you!


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