Friday, September 14, 2012


Enclave by Ann Aguirre.

EnclaveSummery: Deuce has just become a huntress for her enclave. (a group of people surviving in a village/colony underground, each person in the enclave has a specific job to do) She will now hunt and bring food back from the tunnels. which will be a dangerous job as she and her partner must evade the angry, wild Freaks that roam the tunnels. They also search for food, of the human kind. But the partner she is given is the man her enclave discovered as a child. Somehow he managed to survive in the tunnels alone. The enclave took him in but he has always been an outsider. However as they hunt together she grows to like him, looking past his hard shell and finding the real Fade. She is also starting to see the truth in what Fade tells her about her enclave and the wrongness of the things they do. It changes her world. But it is a good thing? After all...they get exiled.

Romance: A kiss, breeding in the enclave (brief mention), touching, liking/loving.


Violence:Yelling/arguments, fighting, injuries, death, killing, shooting, threats, kidnapping, sick playing/hunting of other humans.

Other:Mutants, sort of  rape (basically misuse of women by a gang. It could also be considered Inappropriate romance although mostly it is implied. Several times)

Time Period:Future.

My Thoughts: I can see the connection between The Hunger Games and this book. In both cases the heroine is very tough and there is a good bit of violence. And it's in the future. That is about where it stops though. Enclave is a very unique book and leaves you with a great, satisfying ending... but also a cliff hanger! I really liked Fade and Deuce as characters and the excitement kept you turning pages! There were a couple parts that were a bit darker, but overall I liked it a good bit :) I would recommend to girl and guy YA readers.

My Stars:4
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