Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Michael Vey: Rise Of The Elgen

Michael Vey: Rise Of The Elgen by Richard Paul Evans.
Second book in the Michael Vey series.
Summary: I rolled over to my back, struggling for breath. The pain continued to pulse through my body—a heavy throb followed by a sharp, crisp sting.
The man said, “Trust me, there are worse things in this world than Cell 25.”
Michael, Taylor, Ostin, and the rest of the Electroclan have escaped from the Elgen Academy in Pasadena and are headed back to Idaho to plan their next move. But what’s waiting for them there will change everything.
After using their wits and powers to narrowly escape an Elgen trap, a mysterious voice leads the Electroclan to the jungles of Peru in search of Michael’s mother. Once there, they discover that Dr. Hatch and the Elgen are far more powerful than anyone realizes; entire countries have begun to fall under their control. Only the Electroclan and an anonymous voice now stand in the way of the Elgen’s plan for global domination.
But is the voice that Michael is following really an ally, or is it just another Elgen trap?
Romance:A kiss, a couple on the cheek or forehead, flirting, liking someone, thinking/talking about someone, hugging.
Violence:Injuries, threats, kidnapping, torture, hitting/wanting to hit someone, shocking/knocking someone unconscious  feeding live humans and animals to the rats, death, yelling/arguments.
Other: Electrical mutated powers, severe reeducation technics used by the Elgen mentioned, lying.
Time Period:Modern.
My Thoughts: I had doubts that this book would be as good as the first book, Michael Vey: Prisoner Of Cell 25. For one thing the first had a LOT of plot reveals and excitement. And I was wondering if there would be enough left over to cover this book. There was. Oh, and for another thing, the cover is a bit dorky. But I did really like this sequel. I thought it measured up really well to the first book and it was really exciting and interesting  I didn't really have any problems with this book, as it was mostly clean. There is a bit of violence, but there really wasn't anything super objectionable. I would recommend to guys and girls 12-13+ They are selling these books in christian bookstores (or at least one of mine) so I believe that the author is a christian, although I don't know that for a fact. But it is a really enjoyable book with a great plot with a bunch of twists and turns!
My Favorite Character:I really liked Michael of course, he was probably my favorite. He's got really cool powers but it doesn't go to his head... and he knows he isn't perfect. However I also liked the former bully and how he is really a good friend and overcoming his past ways and becoming good again :D
My Stars:5
Love, Sierra

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