Thursday, October 25, 2012

My apologies...

I apologize. I don't have a post for today. I was watching The Help with my mom this afternoon and didn't get the chance to work on my blogs. The Help was a wonderful movie, but it had some cussing and a couple of violent or inappropriate scenes for children or younger teens. A great movie though...and I now want to read the book! So anyway, if you are looking for something to read go check out this post that Rissi did that I made a super long comment on :P It's a great post! Dreaming Under the Same Moon: Book Wishlist + Cover Candy!
Have a great day! Love, Sierra

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  1. WOW! Thanks Sierra for the shout-out! I really appreciate it and am so glad you enjoyed the post. :) I am in fact working on anther one tonight but am thinking there will be mostly Christian fiction again. *sigh* Not finding as many teen/secular pretty designs.


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