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Enthralled:Paranormal Diversions

Enthralled:Paranormal Diversions by various authors.
Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions
 A journey may take hundreds of miles, or it may cover the distance between duty and desire.
Sixteen of today’s hottest writers of paranormal tales weave stories on a common theme of journeying. Authors such as Kelley Armstrong, Rachel Caine, and Melissa Marr return to the beloved worlds of their bestselling series, while others, like Claudia Gray, Kami Garcia, and Margaret Stohl, create new land-scapes and characters. But whether they’re writing about vampires, faeries, angels, or other magical beings, each author explores the strength and resilience of the human heart.
Suspenseful, funny, or romantic, the stories in Enthralled will leave you moved.

 (it'll work like this, title of the short story with the author's name. Then the content and brief description. Then what I thought about it. There might be a couple spoilers but I've tried to keep it mostly spoiler free)

Giovanni's Farewell by Claudia Gray-2 cuss words and ghosts as well as supernatural powers.  Ravenna and Cairo are twins who discover they have physic powers on a trip to Rome and encounter a ghost. 
Such a sweet story! I really liked it and I want MORE! It drew me in and made me smile.

Scenic Route by Carrie Ryan- One cuss word. A bit of violence. Mention of sleeping together on a couch, very brief mention. Sally and Margie are living in a cabin at the top of a mountain. A change happened and the world is bloody and dangerous. A boy shows up and says he came because he was lonely. But can they trust him to not betray them? 
This one was okay, a bit violent. I liked it okay and it was definitely interesting.  

Red Run by Kami Garcia- Two cuss words. Ghosts and mention of drinking and drugs. Murdering. Edie is out to get the ghost that killed her brother and five (or four?) other teens. She knows how, she just has to catch it...on red run road, where it makes all of its murders. Only things aren't like they seems sometimes. 
A nice story about trust and mistakes. Creepy and scientific with a surprise ending that I really liked. 

Things About Love by Jackson Pearce-Genies, magic, and a gay character. One cuss word. Lawrence's best friend in love with a genie and he knows about it. So he gets ifrit guards to make sure he doesn't tell. This latest one wants to know about love though, really, like a project! Why? 
I liked it okay, enough. The whole true love thing was sweet but the girl genie was a little awkward and annoying :/

Niederwald by Rachel Vincent-20 cuss words, one was an f. Harpies, an oracle, mention netherworld. Crude implications. Sabine is a Mara, a supernaturl creatures sorta like nightmares. She wants to find out if the guy she loved will be given back to her. So she visits the town and asks an oracle guarded by harpies. However thing don't go quite as planned...
I liked this one okay, I really like mythology...but this one was a bit weird though.

Merely Mortal by Melissa Marr- Mention of sleeping together and making out. Keenan is now a mortal and wants to try and become a winter fey. He gave up his crown and the summer court to save Donia. And now he wants to be with her forever. A critical and slightly odd vacation decides what will happen about Keenan chancing the try of becoming fey again..  
A lovely time to revisit Donia and Keenan. I think I may have spoiled something in the coming books...but oh well. They are really sweet :) I love it when authors write a short story about their actual books in a collection like this.

Facing Facts by Kelley Armstrong- One cuss words, supernatural powers, a werewolf, a witch, ghosts.  Chloe is enveloped with a secret and guilts. Her life is kinda crazy, she's dating a werewolf and all her friends have weird powers if can call them friends. One of them, Tori, runs away from bad news and Chloe followers her. Only she's tricked by someone out for revenge before she can find Tori.
 Lovely tale. I liked learning and understanding more about the b list characters from The Rising. Again, I love short stories from an author's other books :) A touching and chilling story.

Let's get this undead show on the road by Sarah Rees Brennan-1 cuss word and mention of sex used as an analogy and not really described. A crude joke or two and vampires. Chris is a part of a band. And he's a vampire. He can't stand his band and feels like he is all alone. He doesn't know what he is supposed to do and his family doesn't want or trust him anymore. Can touring really create some bonds? 
Cute, sweet story with good characters and was pretty exciting. :) This author is very creative and is unique her writing...very funny :D

Bridge by Jeri Smith-Ready-14 cuss words with 2 fs. Ghosts and suicide. Story about a ghost wanting to give peace to his brother. 
Kinda confusing and written kinda like a poem. Bit weird but whatever. It was confusing partly because for over half of the tale I thought it was a girl, it's really first person....or something...the perspective is a guy.

Skin Contact by Kimberly derting-2 f and 12 cuss words. Murder and violence. Making out. Rafe goes out searching for his girlfriend after a dream he had about her bring her and in danger. Only he doesn't know if his powers was right or not, he hopes they aren't. But what if? And what will he find? 
A bit short and a bit odd. Not a favorite because it was sad :(

Leaving by Ally Condie- The world is split open and people look back to the time when there were beautiful that healed things. Sora's father left and went outside to see them. Or try to find them. And he was gone. She was untouchable for two weeks and still is because of social stuff etc. She's sick of it all, enough to leave. 
An interesting a new world perhaps? Allie Condie writes so beautifully and although there were a couple confusing parts, this was just the same beauty found in her Matched series.

At the late night, double, picture show by Jessica Verday-17 cuss words? Vampires, a demon, some gruesome scenes and a crude joke or mention. Jane is from a family of supernatural hunters each who have a supernatural power to aid them. She doesn't have one and is typically the bait. So she goes out to prove herself and ends up having an adventure and what just might have been the most exciting night of her life! 
I liked it okay. A little creepy and gross, but Jane was so cool!

IV League by Margaret Stohl- 2 cuss words. Vampires. Hopper and Lola are trying to escape their boring, deadbeat southern town and go to a college a whole new world for them. And yeah, there are problems because they are vampires.
Meh. A little confusing and the characters weren't the best. :(

Gargouille by Mary E. Pearson- Gargouilles, they are simply winged humans with some myths. Crude implication? Giselle is a gargouille and she's been captured. Her wings have been cut off, because of that her memories will soon fade. Her true love, her match visits her but cannot free her. Sadly, she will soon forget him along with her past very soon. Her life is falling apart and she won't even know it! 
I like d it okay. It was pretty good. Just a little sad :(

The Third Kind by Jennifer Lynn Barnes-1 cuss word and killing someone. Angel/demon stuff and some weird pulsing power. Jess's sister Kissy wakes her up in the middle of the night saying that they need to go to San! So they do because Kissy's "pulses" saved their lives last time. And this time their trip is no less exciting. After a death attempt and some astonishing news the sisters finally get some answers. Interesting and I liked it okay. Definitely would be interested in a book more about this ^^

Automatic by Rachel Caine. No notes. Can't remember. Mind is blank :( 

So overall for this collection of short was interesting and very paranormal :) Loved getting snippets from other series (little extras) and just reading some short stories that some of my favorite author have written. I would recommend to teen girls who like the supernatural/paranormal genre.
Rating:3 stars
Love, Sierra

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