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Eyes On Him

Eyes On Him:Spring Love by Cynthia Marcano.

Eyes On Him: Spring Love
 Spring was the season of new beginnings. Flowers and romance were blooming and the excitement of Summer was looming. At least for Tamryn Davidson it was. Her Junior year at Barredale Christian Academy was coming to an end and the potential for Spring love filled the air, more than she could have imagined. Her recent high school crush was constantly on her mind except when the new stranger in town was within view.

High school drama was in full swing and the junior prom was hot topic of discussion amongst all the juniors. As she balances school, friends, family and her Christian life, Tamryn confronts life as a teenager with her heart being tugged in opposite directions. How will she decide who and what is right for her heart and her life? "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith... " Hebrews 12: 2 GWT

Thoughts:I follow the author's blog and saw that she had published a book. So I got interested and snatched up a copy when it was free as an ebook a little bit ago. Since then I read it bits and pieces on the family kindle.
Tamryn Davidson's life is getting exciting! She's started driving lessons with her mom that ended with a slight accident. Not very serious but now she has a new driving instructor. A really cute one. Chase is flirty and fun, but Tami isn't sure how she feels about him. Besides, she's got another guy on her mind. Jonah is a guy at her school that she's been crushing on for a while now. Her best friend, Dream, says he likes her too. But Tami isn't sure. She'll know soon though, with Prom coming up and all...

Pros:I really enjoyed this book. It's a fun book with bunches of drama and some really fun twists. I really enjoy contemporary books, but struggle with the language, sex/romance and etc. a lot. It was nice to read one where I didn't have to worry about all of that! This is a great adult/teen book (I can't really classify it...Tami is 16-17 or something like that but some aspects feel more adult) for new adults or teens. Tami was a nice character and although I did have a couple frowning moments I liked her overall. Dream was such a fun character, so funny, and I just love the name! The guys were super swoony sounding :) I couldn't quite decide which one I wanted to "win" but there were times that I leaned one way or the other.  The ending was so evil. I flipped back and forth going "really? That's it? auuuugghhhhh!" It practically killed me! The plot was interesting and there were some really great surprises. Some I guessed some I didn't. Nothing to deep or complex because this is a fun romantic-y book :)

Cons:There were some major typos in my ebook, which took away from the experience haha. There were misplaced words, missing ones, missing letters etc. So it could be confusing. Apart from that I felt like this book showed a lot of promise but the author didn't go quite deep enough into the plot and the reveals. I felt like they were good, but had they had more time to bloom, the book been longer, and the writing dug deeper it could have been really really good. Some things felt a little rushed and I felt a little annoyed with how Tami couldn't decide between the two guys. Sometimes it doesn't bother me as much, but this time it did because I couldn't tell which guy she really liked better.
Content wise there were a couple of cheek and forehead kisses. And some flirting. I can't think of anything else.
Overall, I liked and enjoyed this book and even though I thought some things could have been better, this is still a good book :) I would recommend to teen girls who are looking for a fun, clean romance! 
Rating:3 stars
Love, Sierra

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