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 Anomaly by Krista McGee. The first in the Anomaly series.
Thalli has fifteen minutes and twenty-three seconds left to live. The toxic gas that will complete her annihilation is invading her bloodstream. But she is not afraid.
Decades before Thalli’s birth, the world ended in a nuclear war. But life went on deep underground, thanks to a handful of scientists known as The Ten. Since then, they have genetically engineered humans to be free from emotions in the hopes that war won’t threaten their lives again.
But Thalli was born with the ability to feel emotions and a sense of curiosity she can barely contain. She has survived so far thanks to her ability to hide those differences. But Thalli’s secret is discovered when she is overwhelmed by the emotion in an ancient piece of music.
She is quickly scheduled for annihilation, but her childhood friend, Berk, convinces The Ten to postpone her death and study her instead. While in the scientists’ Pod, Thalli and Berk form a dangerous alliance, one strictly forbidden by the constant surveillance in the pods.
As her life ticks away, she hears rumors of someone called the Designer—someone even more powerful than The Ten. What’s more, the parts of her that have always been an anomaly could in fact be part of a much larger plan. And the parts of her that she has always guarded could be the answer she’s been looking for all along.
Thalli must sort out what to believe and who she can trust, before her time runs out…
4 stars

 I have L-O-V-E-D, loved this authors other books and I was super happy to grab a copy from Booksneeze. I was interested to see how Ms.McGee would transfer from a contemporary romance genre to science fiction dystopian. I was sure she could do it though :)

Thalli is a seventeen year old girl who is the musician in her Pod, Pod C. The third generation since the world was destroyed decades ago in something called a nuclear war. Thalli has always known she was an anomaly, she tried to hide it, she would be taken away. That's what happened to Asta. The monitors took her away to the Ten, the scientists who are the reason they were created. The Ten survived the war by going underground and then creating the State.

They build it all and created the Pods and created everything! With science of course. The old reproductive ways were so...primitive. The scientists know what's best. And now, Thalli will be annihilated. They discovered her. She cried and showed emotion when playing an old piece on her violin. Somehow she knows there is more, a strange man tells her that there is someone out there called the Designer, just as she thinks she won't get another chance. But she does. What will she choose to do with it?

Pros:It felt a little different (more science fiction than dystopian) and it didn't have the dark and crumbling feeling that a lot of dystopian books do. There are a bunch of fun gadgets, rules, tech, all that science-y stuff. And he characters...they were pretty well done. As they are the remainder of what is left on the earth. Not a lot of diversity. But I liked Thalli. Berk was nice too. They bot made a great pair it was so cool to see how they just connected and knew God was out there. Or the Designer. Same thing :) There were some really cool plot twists. Over and over again! Something would pop up and who knew if it was real or not? There is a lot of trickery. But isn't that was scientists are all about when it comes to experiments? :) I think she nailed it. I mean she totally made a wonderfully plotted book even though it wasn't super exciting. The world building rocked and it was a great switch over! I still liked her contemporary books better, but this one is just lovely, in it's own unique way.

Cons:I didn't totally connect with Thalli at times and I needed a little more action for this to have totally been perfect. I got a little bored :/
Content wise there was a kiss (forehead/cheek), being tested upon, atheist type deal beliefs with the scientist.

Overall, the world building and plot were great. It was a tad slow and didn't "feel" dystopian. But I enjoyed it lots :D I'm so excited to see what comes next and I was super happy at how this book turned out. I would recommend to 13+ girls who enjoy science fiction/apocalyptic genres. It's wonderful clean, Christian based adventure!

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  1. this book was very good! And I agree about not being able to connect with Thalli at times. Some times I was like, "I didn't get that at all." lol Great Review!

    1. Yes she was a little weird for me sometimes :) Thanks for dropping by!


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