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Her Family Wish

Her Family Wish by Betsy St. Amant.
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Her Family Wish
Taking pictures of other people's happiest moments is the perfect job for Hannah Hart. Secretly fearing that she won't ever have a family of her own, Hannah prefers to hide behind the camera. Until she meets assistant principal Jude Bradley, whose twelve-year-old daughter instantly bonds with Hannah. Jude might just be the man to give Hannah a reason to smile—if he can let go of the past. The more Hannah and Jude discover they have in common, the more Hannah wonders if there's a family in her future after all….
5 stars

Thanks so much to Ms. St. Amant for sending me a copy of her book! I'd enjoyed her YA book, Addison Blakely: Confessions of PK, and was excited to read another one of her books. She was so sweet to send me two to read and review. Thanks again, I'm really enjoying them!!!

Hannah Hart is helping out her friend, an art teacher, when she meets Jude Bradley and his daughter. Jude is the vice principle and when Hannah offers to do a shoot with them (noticing his daughter's natural beauty despite the more childish way she dresses) he turns her down very strongly. Unsure why but knowing she shouldn't dig deeper Hannah lets alone for a while. Still they keep seeing a lot of each other. Hannah knows she should be more distant but she can't help but like Jude...a lot. She has her past brings up doubts before her and her visible and non-visible scars left from a car accident make sure to remind her exactly how impossible falling in love again is.

Jude has a weight of his own to carry with a difficult decision at work. Cut his best friend's job along with the sports department or his daughter's joy at school, the art program. He's attracted to Hannah but can't get over what her business means to him and his pain in the past. But the way she gets his daughter to open up so easily only draws him more and more...with an excuse for it too.

Pros:The romance was SO sweet and definitely felt real. A lot of times it just seems fake, but this romance wasn't just all "I like you and your pretty and done" it had deeper meaning and was a lovely example of a real, Christ-driven relationship. And it was really sweet, did I mention that? There were a lot of layers and...ehhh prejudices that they both to get to and over. Their pasts and all. Props to the author for those feeling real as well and not sounding stupid, haha. The plot was nice, not super fast paced but a nice steady one with several surprises :) I really loved Hannah and loved her as a main character, I related to her really well and I just liked her a lot! Jude was a sweet guy and he and Hannah were SO adorable :)

Cons:There were a couple scenes where something was realized about God or He was mentioned that I thought were a tad slow/dry/needed something.
Content:Separation (I think), a couple kisses and attraction. Mention of drugs, past car crash, bad affects of modeling, and running away.

Overall, so so so sweet it is a great romance that I really enjoyed. It's one you should read when you want to get away and read a lovely story :) I'd recommend to YA+ girls and women looking for an enjoyable and inspirational read.

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  1. This sounds really good! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for it next time I got to a bookstore. The romance seems super cute, too. Great review :)


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