Thursday, September 19, 2013

Critical Pursuit

Critical Pursuit by Janice Cantore.
Critical Pursuit
 Officer Brinna Caruso has built a reputation at the precinct as the cop to call when a child goes missing. For Brinna, it's personal because she was once one of them. Brinna and her K-9 search and rescue dog, Hero, will stop at nothing to find a missing child, no matter the stakes.Detective Jack O'Reilly isn't ready to return to his homicide duties, after losing his wife to a drunk driver. He's on the downside of his career, and bent on revenge, when he's assigned as Brinna's partner. While on patrol, Jack struggles between his quest for personal justice and his responsibility to those around him, especially his partner.Skeptical of Jack's motives, Brinna isn't sure she can rely on her new partner, whose reckless abandon endangers the safety of those around him. But when a man surfaces with an MO similar to the criminal who abducted Brinna twenty years earlier, Brinna and Jack must cast aside previous judgments and combine efforts to catch the kidnapper, and finally allow Brinna the peace stolen from her as a child.

I enjoy reading books like this for the suspense and getting a peak at the police force world. This book did have some of the more stomach turning sides of it, which made it more realistic. I liked that and thought it was super cool how the author a retired cop. Sure I got a bit grossed out here and there but it really wasn't all that bad. Provided you can handle it.

I liked the characters well enough and this was a very interesting book. However a couple things at the end seemed tied up a bit quickly and I guessed pretty easily that the twins would be kidnapped.((highlight <<)
I enjoyed it a lot and would recommend to those who like this genre, but it wasn't a favorite with me because I had a bit of trouble getting "in" the story. But, really exciting and I loved how the author was a former officer.

Content:Murders, shooting, kidnapping, child molesting mention but never described, mention of other crimes.
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Memory's Door

Memory's Dorr by James L. Rubart. Second book in the Well Spring series.
The prophecy brought them together. But the Wolf has risen, and now their greatest battle begins.
The four members of Warriors Riding have learned to wage war in the supernatural, to send their spirits inside people’s souls, to battle demonic forces, and to bring deep healing to those around them.
But their leader Reece is struggling with the loss of his sight. Brandon is being stalked at his concerts by a man in the shadows. Dana’s career is threatening to bury her. And Marcus questions his sanity as he seems to be slipping in and out of alternate realities.
And now the second part of the prophecy has come true. The Wolf is hunting them and has set his trap. He circles, feeding on his supernatural hate of all they stand for. And he won’t stop until he brings utter destruction to their bodies . . . and their souls.
 4.5 stars

 The first book was very strong and impacting and so was this one. It didn't get as strong until the end, I felt, but it certainly causes you to think about a lot of things. Including your lifestyle. And that's along with being and extremely exciting book, having some relatable characters, and a truly magical tale.

The plot went up and down and it wasn't really straightforward but I liked it. It's almost like life instead of a written story. You don't know where it's going and the path doesn't seem clear at all. Even though it'd been a while since I had read the first book I still was able to understand what was going on, which was really nice.

I really liked some of the characters and others not so much. The story is mainly about Dana, Brandon, Marcus, and Reece. While I thought Marcus was really funny, Dana was strong and reece was strong and nice...well Brandon didn't really connect to me until the end. Before I kinda thought he was a jerk even though I had read the first book. The characters aren't stunning but you can get where they're coming from and you like them :)

Overall, I enjoyed this book a lot, it's a powerful book that takes a deeper step into our power as Children of God and I found it really interesting and exciting. It definitely makes you think but it's a really good book. Really. I'd recommend to teens and adults.

Content:Spiritual battles, demons, transportation & going into souls. Mention of drinking wine? And an accident resulting in death in the past that is discussed a bit.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stacking The Shelves (9)

 Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews  to share the virtual or physical books received that week.

 The Future of Us by Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler-I saw a review for this book and thought it looked interesting enough. As a plus my library has a copy there so it was super easy to pick up. Sadly, I've checked both of these books out before but haven't been bale to get around to reading them yet.
The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong-After reading the author's Darkness Rising series I wanted to try her first series as well. I'd liked her other series a lot and I'm hoping I'll like this one as well :)

A Spark Unseen by Sharon Cameron- I really enjoyed the first book in the series and I'm looking forward to starting this one. Isn't the cover just lovely??
Sylo by D.J. MacHale-I've read about 14 of D.J.MacHale's other books. He wrote the Pendragon series which has some really great books in it, I'd really recommend checking them out. So I'm excited to try his new series and see what he's writing now :)
The Registry by Shannon Stoker-Honestly I don't know much about this book other than it looks really interesting haha. And the cover is very mysterious!
Purple Moon by Tessa Hall-The author was so sweet to send me an ecopy of her book to read and review for her upcoming blog tour (which will be stopping here as well) and I cannot wait to start reading her book! She is really sweet and I've heard some good things about this book :)

And I also "bought" Lady Of Devices by Shelley Adina. It was a free ebook on itunes. I had seen it before when I'd been looking at or for steampunk books so I thought I'd give it a try.

What did you guys get this week?

Monday, September 9, 2013

TBR Tuesday (ish):Soulbroken

Soulbroken (Legacy of Tril, #2)
In this follow up to Legacy of Tril: Soulbound, Kaya has learned that she is Soulbound to Darius, the Barron she secretly trained with at Shadow Academy. But he’s been sent away, leaving Kaya with question
s about how he could be Soulbound to her and another Healer. Determined to find answers and prove herself worthy of fighting in the war against King Darrek and the Graplars, Kaya sneaks away, encountering a mysterious Barron named Gage in her travels. But Darius has shocking information about Gage—information that changes everything Kaya thought she knew about what it means to be Bound.

Why I'm looking forward to this book:I'm really enjoyed the first book in this series, Soulbound. I hadn't read anything by Heather Brewer before but I really loved Soulbound! I'm really excited for her newest book and I'm definitely excited to find out what will be happening next in the series! There was a cliffhanger at the end of book one so... :) This book releases August 20th. What are you waiting on? And while I realize this is already out my library still hasn't gotten it so...still waiting haha.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Earth Girl

 Earth Girl by Janet Edwards.
Earth Girl (Earth Girl, #1)
A sensational YA science fiction debut from an exciting new British author. Jarra is stuck on Earth while the rest of humanity portals around the universe. But can she prove to the norms that she’s more than just an Earth Girl?

2788. Only the handicapped live on Earth. While everyone else portals between worlds, 18-year-old Jarra is among the one in a thousand people born with an immune system that cannot survive on other planets. Sent to Earth at birth to save her life, she has been abandoned by her parents. She can’t travel to other worlds, but she can watch their vids, and she knows all the jokes they make. She’s an ‘ape’, a ‘throwback’, but this is one ape girl who won’t give in.

Jarra invents a fake background for herself – as a normal child of Military parents – and joins a class of norms that is on Earth to excavate the ruins of the old cities. When an ancient skyscraper collapses, burying another research team, Jarra’s role in their rescue puts her in the spotlight. No hiding at back of class now. To make life more complicated, she finds herself falling in love with one of her classmates – a norm from another planet. Somehow, she has to keep the deception going.

A freak solar storm strikes the atmosphere, and the class is ordered to portal off-world for safety – no problem for a real child of military parents, but fatal for Jarra. The storm is so bad that the crews of the orbiting solar arrays have to escape to planet below: the first landing from space in 600 years. And one is on collision course with their shelter.
 5 stars

Going into this book I think I expected some sort of dystopian fantasy but I wasn't expecting to get the feel that I got. First off this book has really great writing depth. The characters were really well done and I was incredibly jealous of the writing. While at first it took me a little while to actually get into the book and it was a little hard to concentrate on what was going on and what I was reading. You know it's like the words are heavy and you actually have to concentrate on them? Like that. So the writing was very mature and real and heavy in that feeling. But then it was just gorgeous. The author has created a whole new world in the future (600 years or so maybe? It's a good bit ahead) and it's Earth has spread out to other planets and galaxies with invention of portals. There are different types of people living in different sectors/on different planets. Different in how conservative or liberal they are and in their lifestyle. However there are these Handicapped babies who lack something in their metabolism that makes them really ill if they go through portals to other planets. They could die if they don't go back to earth within seconds. They're bound to earth and most of the normal people out there living on other planets think of them as apes. Like there is something wrong with them (sort of like cavemen type view). Our story is told by Jarra who is an ape girl who decides to go to university and pretend to be normal, then when they find out she's an ape she'll make a grand exit after yelling at them. However her plan doesn't work out so well as she creates an false identity she half believes in and learns to trust bond with the others from offworld. And she begins to wonder if her plans are still the same even though she knows they aren't. Now the other thing is the Jarra is really into history so she is at this university base thing where they are excavating New York City. They have these hoversleds and hoverbelts and they are looking for Stasis boxes that people would fill before leaving and any other lost history. When the portals were invented things started moving very quickly, too quickly in fact. The internet crashed and over half of the earth's history was lost. Jarra loves history and she really flourishes at the dig. It's really cool as well. The author did a great job writing the setting, the back story, the plot, the reveals, the romance (which was sweet) and the world outside. The one we don't get to visit but hear so much about that is just so intricately written. The world building was amazing. It was science fiction while still on earth, really. And just wow. The only negative would be that there was a bit of suggestive romantic content although there really wasn't anything "really bad" and that the writing can be a bit tough to get through until you get going and really interested. The book was really quite clean though, there wasn't any cussing, some made up ones such as "chaos" and "nuke" and some injuries but otherwise not really any violence other than an argument or two. I really enjoyed this book which had amazing writing, world building, interesting plot, charming ending, and was just delightful.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Fault In Our Stars

 The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.
The Fault in Our Stars
Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten.

4.5 stars

What I liked~ The writing style. While I was disappointed with how sad (not) it was I did enjoy the writing bunches. Really. Isaac and Augustus had some hilarious lines and Hazel was a bit sarcastic as well. I really loved the voice that each one had. It's also amazing how they are the three center characters out of maybe ten that are shown constantly. Green did a really great job telling a story with just a handful of characters (some of who are fatally ill) and how one girl is chasing after the ending to a book. And it has become this beautiful book that people are reading and loving. Pretty cool when you step back and think about it huh? Anyway, the characters had this great sarcastic edge and people were dying cause this IS a cancer book really/sorta and you start reading and a third of the way in (or less than that) you realize that this is a deep book! It has a lot of feelings that make you think and wonder and the you get enraptured by the story. I really liked the characters a lot, they're sarcastic and original. I didn't get super attached (lucky for me haha) and I did guess (view spoiler) but compared to the writing and the meaning that each reader can take away from the book? It doesn't seem to matter as much then.

what I didn't like so much~ The ending can be disappointing to a lot of readers. Especially those who fall hard for the characters. I didn't get super attached and that was partly because I knew it was going to be sad so I tried not to :P And that was also part of the reason I guessed correctly about half way through or so. I hadn't read anything but I could figure that something really sad was gonna happen and then you just add up the pieces. And just a heads up for those who cry a lot in will cry. And that brings me to my last disappointment. I was disappointed I didn't cry more, like I expected to. I did cry once. And it IS sad. It was probably my own fault since I tried not to get attached and all. So this one kinda doesn't count :P

Overall, this is a witty book with sweet characters that are totally in dept and all because they actually think about dying a lot and everyone's purpose in life. It's sweet and sad and keep the Kleenex out, really. It's definitely up to some (if not all) of the hype that's going around. I'd recommend to teen girls 14-15+ :)

Content:There were roughly 85 cuss words. A sex scene is cut off pretty quickly and it's only implied basically. A few kisses and crude jokes and the whole "dying from cancer" thing.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stacking The Shelves (8)

You Look Different In Real Life by Jennifer Castle- I read another book by this author and I really enjoyed it. Also the cover is really pretty :) This is actually my second time checking out this book because my life has been crazy of late.

The Apothecary by - I might have read a few reviews for this book that said it was good, something was telling me I'd heard it was pretty good so when I saw it I grabbed it.

The Wells Bequest by Polly Shulman- After really enjoying the first book I was excited to see how the author would continue the story :D

Sean Griswold's Head by Lindsey Leavitt- I've read several of the author's other books and really enjoyed them and my friend said this one was good so I was more than happy to pick up a copy.

An Abundance of Katherine by John Green- All the hype about this author and I've only read TFIOS so far. I definitely want to try some of his other books :D

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver- I got a sampler with the first five chapters included and I was really interested in what happened in the end so I picked up the actual book haha. I also really enjoyed Lauren Oliver's Delirium series :) She's a good author.