Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Hello all, I apologize for being so absent. I really wish that I had more time and desire to blog. I'm getting back into it though, I think. I also think that my reviews will be changing a little bit as well. We'll see. I do know that I'll be having a giveaway coming up soon and hopefully the Allegiant review as I've just started it and getting back into all of the backlog that I have. I'm doing so bad on reviews. Terrible really.

But a few updates. Firstly, the Goodreads awards are up! Yay! The Beautiful Creatures manga got best graphic novel, Allegiant by Veronica Roth got best YA dystopian/fantasy I think. And Elearnor & Park (amazing book!) got best YA. House of Hades (also great) got best childrens book. Or middle grade. So go check out who else won for yourself, it was a great year for books!

Also I have so much of a backlog on ARCs too. I have a book by Chris Fabry who cowrote the Re Rock Mysteries, Left Behind. and Left Behind: The Kids with Jerry B. Jenkins. I have the first book from Dorothy Love since she finished her Hickoy Ridge Romance series. I have Pretenders by Lisi Harrison. Several other YA books. A very special book that I'm not going to tell you about just yet (it has to do with that giveaway). And... ooh Captive Maiden by Melanie Dickerson. Extremely excited for that one!! So stick around and hopefully my reviewing pace will get picked back up!!


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  1. Hooray! Cannot wait for said updates, Sara. :) Best of luck.


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