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Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

Ignite Me (Shatter Me, #3)The heart-stopping conclusion to the New York Times bestselling Shatter Me series, which Ransom Riggs, bestselling author of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, called “a thrilling, high-stakes saga of self-discovery and forbidden love.”

With Omega Point destroyed, Juliette doesn’t know if the rebels, her friends, or even Adam are alive. But that won’t keep her from trying to take down The Reestablishment once and for all. Now she must rely on Warner, the handsome commander of Sector 45. The one person she never thought she could trust. The same person who saved her life. He promises to help Juliette master her powers and save their dying world . . . but that’s not all he wants with her.

The Shatter Me series is perfect for fans who crave action-packed young adult novels with tantalizing

romance like Divergent by Veronica Roth, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and Legend by Marie Lu. Tahereh Mafi has created a captivating and original story that combines the best of dystopian and paranormal, and was praised by Publishers Weekly as “a gripping read from an author who’s not afraid to take risks.” Now this final book brings the series to a shocking and satisfying end.

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I was so scared to start this book. I was scared about it ending and the series that I had grown to love being finished. And last books are always scary because you don't know if you'll agree with the ending or not. But so far everything has been brilliant and masterfully written. Tahereh Mafi has a certain way of writing that is simplistic and artistic and just plain wonderful. It hasn't stood out as much so far in this book however. I'm as in love with Kenji and James as ever. And right now I honestly prefer Warner to Adam. I hadn't completely switched over in Unravel Me, like so many others did. But after the way Adam has been acting I'm switched over fully. I like this new Juliette a good deal. She's much stronger and seems to know what she wants but she hasn't forgotten about her relationships. She's somewhere in the middle I guess. I like it. (picking up now that I've finished the book) Wow. I think that this was a really good ending to the series. I think that the final battle scene was a little off, it seemed to easy for some of the things Juliette did. But then you have to step back and remember how powerful she is. So it just sat a tiny bit wrong with me. But everything else I adored. I loved Warner and Juliette's relationship and I switched to Team Warner during the first chapter. I'm not sure if it was partly because I had read Unravel Me so long ago or just Warner's actions compared to Adam's in this book but it was really no contest who won my affections. Kenji was adorable as always and just hilarious. really. I loved his friendship with Juliette too. I loved Juliette in this book because it was her getting ignited. Rather like Katniss becoming the girl on fire ;) She stood up for herself and put her fears and doubts behind her and went after what she wanted and took it. She was strong in this book, she still had help from her friends and she still had problems but she didn't let the things that got in her way slow her down. Girl power ;) This book wasn't like super exciting with battles and stuff, but it was a fast read for me because I wanted to know what was going to happen and I wanted to know the ending. Also the writing style flows very easily and just draws you in. And the ending was pretty exciting ;)
5 stars
Overall, I was quite happy with this book. Even though I'm sad that the series has ended it was a really sweet and lovely ending and I just loved it. The characters and writing style were amazing and the plot was interesting and well done as well. And the was so swoon-worthy ♥.♥ If you like dystopian, pick it up. If you're looking for something in romance but a bit more exciting grab it. If you read the other two books but haven't read it yet...READ IT! ;) :*
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  1. I REALLY want to read these books! Hope I can get ahold of them soon! :) By the way, great review :D


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