Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Waiting On Wednesday: False Future

False Future (False Memory, #3)True Earth has returned during a massive snowstorm in Manhattan-and this time they have an army. Rhys, Noble, Sophia, and Peter know they don't stand a chance against the enemy without Miranda. And once they revive her, she's horrified to find her world in flames.

The enemy occupation is brutal, but the director promises to release her hold on the city if Mr. East is turned in, and Miranda and her team are determined to find him. With her grief over the losses she has suffered fueling her spirit, Miranda knows that this time the sacrifices have to be worth it.

Packed with suspense and deception, Dan Krokos brings Miranda's journey to a mind-bending conclusion as she risks losing everything in the fight for her future.

Check it out Goodreads!

Literally so excited for this book. I liked the previously two books a lot and I like Dan Krokos's writing style. I'm definitely going to make sure that I reread the other books first though, it's been a while since I read them and I want to be up to date on all the science-y details ;) And I'll have to hurry and read them as this book comes out on August 19th! Less than a month away :D

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